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emu hex editing need help
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    What emu hex editing need help

    ok so i have been working on this for a while now i have been trying to hex edit a rom called robotrek the emu i am using is zsnesw and the hxd hex editor i am very new to hex editing and most of this stuff is gibberish to me but i found a couple of tables with offset locations and hex values for invintory and they seem acurate with the invintory i already have but the problem i am having is that my changs dont show up in the game ive made several changes regaurding my money and invintory but nothing happens plzzzz tell me what i am doing wrong

    tbl.bmp--------------list of offset

    inven.bmp--------------list of inventory items

    hex.bmp--------------the changed hex for 07 to 11

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    Re: emu hex editing need help

    Isn't there like a game genie type device for these roms?

    anyway post a save and pic when ever you need help and someone will help you.What you said in your post is very vague.How can anyone help you with out the files?

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    Re: emu hex editing need help

    the game guine doest deal with inventory and it gets a bit glitchy when i use them i uploaded some pics hopefully they will help understand my problem

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    Re: emu hex editing need help

    let me know if i need to upload anything else to help anyone help me\

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    Re: emu hex editing need help

    anything will help



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