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[SAVE] MGSHD: Great Dane Achievement
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    yar [SAVE] MGSHD: Great Dane Achievement

    First of all, you're welcome. This was perhaps one of the most challenging/stupid achievements I've ever done in my life.


    If you don't have the U.S. version, here's a quick fix. Extract my file, use your gamesave resigner, look in my save for
    data file and/or the masterdata file, copy those to your desktop, open YOUR save, replace your data file(s), rehash and GO!

    Please give rep, and report any problems to me. I'll attempt to fix them or help you.

    Quick note: if you have trouble killing Solidus, I've included a readme file w/ a few tips.

    Edit: for those who keep messaging me complaining how their weak, little, fragile bodies just can't beat Solidus, shut the hell up and grow up.
    This was the LAST save point. There are none after Solidus, the achievement pops after the credits before you can save again. I did the hardest parts for you: I took on 25 Metal Gears with one ration and I spent over a week doing the same missions over and over again for you without bashing my head in. Don't complain because this save just doesn't just hand you the achievement and take it for granted. You can put a little effort into earning it.
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    Re: [SAVE] MGSHD: Great Dane Achievement

    Thx but Solidus is to hard :O

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    Noctis Caelum

    Re: [SAVE] MGSHD: Great Dane Achievement

    nice share...

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    Re: [SAVE] MGSHD: Great Dane Achievement

    nice share NegativeONE, im sure users will find this useful :)
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    Re: [SAVE] MGSHD: Great Dane Achievement

    Nice save NegativeONE . Will try this laterz.

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    Re: [SAVE] MGSHD: Great Dane Achievement

    Nice, I remeber doing this back when MGS2 had just been released for PS2, so troublesome, so tiring yet so rewarding:)
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    Re: [SAVE] MGSHD: Great Dane Achievement

    Great share! Thanks so much! Just beat Solidus, not so bad once you develop a good strategy, all his moves are rather predictable, and blocking is essential!

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    Re: [SAVE] MGSHD: Great Dane Achievement

    I'm glad it's worked for a few people, I'm now working on Virtually Impossible. It's the last achievement before I've completed MGS2 for good.

    Sadly, it's even worse than the Great Dane achievement. A lot less fun too.


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