I saw this thread on the UFC3 forum. Will this work for offline careermode? I tried and it looks like it resets once you start a new career mode.

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Load your retired career fighter. Edit something of his (I edited his fighting out of in basic information). Overwrite save.

Load up that fighter again, he should NOT be under retired fighters. Go to show all CAfs. He'll be listed as a "retired fighters". Fighter Abilities should still NOT be available. Go to finish and create NEW SAVE. (note you dont have to edit anything)

That new CAF should now be a listed as a "CAF Mode CAF". Load him up now. Completely editable. You can redistribute stats/attributes and technique. He'll only have 12000 technique points available TOTAL (minus whatever moves your career caf had, you can edit them). You can edit name/weightclass/etc etc.

Look, I don't play online. Can you maybe do stuff with this in regards to a 'supercaf' ? Probably, but this is as far as I'm going to take you. If you play OFFLINE and just want a bunch of CAFs to make just do a career and concentrate solely on stats/attributes. The 12000 technique points are more than enough.