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Final fantasy xiii-2 discussion
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    Final fantasy xiii-2 discussion

    Hi fellow 360haven users

    I have been playing ffxiii2 for a while now and I have about 140 fragments now (I haven’t modded this game yet…..but I will mod it on my other profile after I finish it)

    What do you think the best build for a Sentinel is, I have a silver chocobo max lvl with only a hp increase with over 11,000 hp, with no other added passive abilities or skills, what do you think I should ad.

    What do you think the strongest boss/enemy is (I have fought don tonberry and I beat him in 39seconds and my Characters aren’t max out) NOTE I know that don tonberry isn’t the strongest.

    Would anyone like a harder difficulty setting?

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    Re: Final fantasy xiii-2 discussion

    We have a topic for FFXIII-2 already.

    To answer your question:
    Strongest regular enemy is by far Proto-behemoth. It's the only monster in the entire game that was capable of wiping my entire party in 5 seconds when it stood up doing 13k damage per hit.
    For boss types I'd say Yomi is 'annoying' but not super hard, since poison essentially destroys him. (SAB/SAB/SAB + SYN/SYN/SAB + SAB/SAB/SEN = Win).
    Skills for Sentinel; Probably HP buffs, etc. I never really needed to use a Sentinel for all that long. Even against Long Gui and stuff.

    I don't want a harder difficulty setting. I want a finished game that doesn't require us to buy DLC to see the real ending. (Pathetic, epic fail on Square's end).
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