Not even sure if this is the correct area to post. However, it seemed feasible since I do not see any other area to post.

I am having problems on a profile, which starts Mass Effect 3. Before the "Press Start" screen, at EA boot or game start, the game locks up. As a matter of fact, the whole xbox locks up. Would like some insight as I have seen a couple things posted on the Inet, but there's no solution. One person mentioned disconnecting the controller-- that doesn't help. Apparently this is after an "update" from EA or Xbox.

Steps to reproduce and attempted:

* Removed the games saves from the profile one at a time using Xtaf
* At xbox boot used Y+RT to clear updates
* Removed system cache via xbox system->Memory
* removed particular software update at Mass Effect game boot using Y+RT
* removed particular software update at Mass Effect game boot by pressing A
* Profile is not modded in anyway. (girlfriend account :) )
* removed downloadable content using Xtaf.
* Booted game, without signing in, and at sign in, it locks
* On the same Xbox and Mass effect DVD, I logged in using another profile, and it works- even after applying update.

Anyone have a possible idea? I can only think that there are references in the GDP files that point to a corrupt file or reg for Mass Effect 3. Who knows? My girlfriend said it happened after up powering down the xbox during a cutscene on disc 2. I said you cannot do that next time. :)

Here's several links on the matter: