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Donkey Kong 3D swinging into view?
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    Donkey Kong 3D swinging into view?

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    Donkey Kong 3D is coming to 3DS this year, or on 25th May if you believe one particularly enthusiastic online retailer.

    This rumour started when a DK Vine forum user called Scraps69 posted an image from their local EB Games store, which we've posted with this article, that clearly shows the title on the shelf with a 2012 release date. The inclusion of Super Smash Bros 3DS alongside this box with a 2012 release date does call this into question, as Nintendo has repeatedly stated that this title is a while away yet. It's also interesting that despite a number of announced 3DS titles yet to receive a release date — Paper Mario, Luigi's Mansion 2 and Animal Crossing, for example — some retailers have started pre-orders for a game that has not received any public acknowledgement from Nintendo, as far as we're aware at the time of writing, at all.

    European online retailer multiplayer.com not only lists the aforementioned 25th May release date, but the same page also shows future releases of Kirby 3D, Final Fantasy 3D and Dragon Quest 3D. Either these are speculative titles with '3D' bolted onto a franchise name, or the retailer has exclusive insider access: we'll let you decide for yourself.

    So a shovel of salt is clearly needed for this rumour. That said, I'd love to hear what you'd like to see from a new Donkey Kong game on 3DS. A sequel to Donkey Kong Country Returns, a revival of Donkey Kong 64, or something completely new?
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    Re: Donkey Kong 3D swinging into view?

    well i love Donkey Kong games so it would be cool if they made one, very nice share longy :)
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    Re: Donkey Kong 3D swinging into view?

    i love donkey kong

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    Re: Donkey Kong 3D swinging into view?

    this is nice , i like donkey kong
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    Re: Donkey Kong 3D swinging into view?

    Everyone loves Donkey Kong......even those who won't admit it lol! Nice share. Thanks.
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