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Ninja gaiden 3 discussion
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    JTAG/ RGH Pro

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    Ninja gaiden 3 discussion

    There is a really big messed up checksum in the save and I can't figure it out. :( extract the save and its address 00001EC0 length 140.

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    Re: Ninja gaiden 3 discussion

    Can u post the save here,i'll help trying to find out the checksum.
    Don't have the game yet so i can't make my own.
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    JTAG/ RGH Pro

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    Re: Ninja gaiden 3 discussion

    This is the system data file like ng2 system data file. I don't have the main save file on my pc right now. This is not the container file this is the file extracted from the save. You will find the checksum/hash at the bottom of the save.... Its a big one...
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    Re: Ninja gaiden 3 discussion

    Here is a link to the default.xex aswell: www.360haven.com
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    Re: Ninja gaiden 3 discussion

    Thank guys,I will look into it.

    Edit: I'm confused too,can't find anything till now.
    My head is exploding,so i'll look further into it later on.
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    Re: Ninja gaiden 3 discussion

    I've looked over it again,but it doesn't make sense.
    The last 320 bytes are filled with data(or whatever),and i can't find anything like a checksum or hash in it so i'm stumped.
    I guess it's some higher level encryption.
    But for real,this game ain't moddable,there's nothing to change that's interesting.
    Maybe there are some possibilities for the RGH/JTAG,but that's for someone else to find,I'm done with this game anyway.
    It's even worse than the second one soI'm done!!!

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    Re: Ninja gaiden 3 discussion

    clean nice looking installation and cheap

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    This game is a disgrace to the previous ninja gaidens.

    I am here: http://tapatalk.com/map.php?c1xe3r

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