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Shenmue is coming to XBLA!
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    Shenmue is coming to XBLA!

    "All right, before we go any further than that headline up there, we want everyone playing along at home to go to the kitchen and bring back one of those big cardboard cylinders of Morton's salt with the little metal flap on top.

    Got it? Okay great, because you're going to need more than a grain for this one: HD versions of Shenmue 1 and 2 have been completed for more than a year and are pending release on XBLA and PSN, according to an anonymous source reporting to Gamerzines. The source goes on to say that Sega has been sitting on the remakes while it decides the fate of a potential Shenmue 3, though the source did not specify what that fate is.

    Look, we're not saying that it isn't true, or that we don't want HD remakes of two of our favorite games ever, because of course we do. We just want you to be careful and not get your precious little hopes up, only to have them dashed to pieces -- your broken, mangled hearts never able to trust or love again."

    Source: Joystiq

    Check this video out too. They may be bringing Skies of Arcadia too

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    Re: Shenmue is coming to XBLA!

    nice video shared Judd :)
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    Re: Shenmue is coming to XBLA!

    Nice share. I'll believe it if and when I see it.
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    Re: Shenmue is coming to XBLA!

    best news all year...this is my favorite game of all time

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    Re: Shenmue is coming to XBLA!

    can't wait i love those games back on my dreamcast nice shared judd keep it up.

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    Re: Shenmue is coming to XBLA!

    very good news

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    Re: Shenmue is coming to XBLA!

    I never played any of the Shenmue games since I never had a Dreamcast so if these do get released i'll be buzzing
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    Re: Shenmue is coming to XBLA!

    Very Good News!!!!



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