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Uh-Oh! Ninja Gaiden III Online Passes are Broken
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    Uh-Oh! Ninja Gaiden III Online Passes are Broken


    If you jumped on the web today to check out the reviews for Ninja Gaiden III, which hit shelves at midnight last night, you may be in for some disappointment: A number of review sites are withholding their reviews due to complications with the game’s Online Pass system. It appears that a significant number of players and review outlets are having difficulty accessing Ninja Gaiden III’s online mode, being greeted with an error when the Online Pass key is entered.

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    Issues with Online Passes are nothing new—we saw a few printed sideways with Battlefield 3 and there are always little hiccups (I had to enter mine three times with Mass Effect), but the problem with Ninja Gaiden III seems to be more widespread than that. Game Informer and Destructoid are both sitting on their reviews due to Online Pass issues, and quick Twitter search pulls up hundreds of gamers locked out for the very same reason.

    This is a pretty big screw-up, especially when many fans were wondering why Team Ninja shoved multiplayer into Ninja Gaiden in the first place. These launch-day issues surely won’t build confidence, and the game’s extremely mixed reviews aren’t helping either.

    Have you picked up Ninja Gaiden III? Any issues with online play?
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    Re: Uh-Oh! Ninja Gaiden III Online Passes are Broken

    i got this game today and havent had any issues with online play
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    Have u try the online part? How is it? And is it worth it?

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    Re: Uh-Oh! Ninja Gaiden III Online Passes are Broken

    Quote Originally Posted by fullmetal172 View Post
    Have u try the online part? How is it? And is it worth it?

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    it IS a little weired how i had to load it but mine works fine...first you redeem it...then starte the game and reload it from the multiplayer menu....NOT the online pass menu....took me a few to figure out but i played several rounds after that! please contact me if you have questions!

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