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[Question] Profile Modding
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    [Question] Profile Modding

    Hello folks!
    I just have made a new profile but i dont make it live because i was thinking in modding it before i make it live so, do this would be safe? or I could be banned or flagged or something like that? just a question :) all the opinions would be apreciated :Ñ

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    Re: [Question] Profile Modding

    modding a game is ok but your profile nooooooo way
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    Re: [Question] Profile Modding

    I used to have a blue avatar but I removed it when everyone was getting banned for it, also they ban really quick for crown modding.
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    Re: [Question] Profile Modding

    I can mod GS...

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    Re: [Question] Profile Modding

    I dont want to mode crown or anything else than archivements and i read that archivement modding is safe if I do it slowly, like 5 archivements per day, but if i dont have a live account and havent registered to live is there any risk that when i do they ban me?

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    Re: [Question] Profile Modding

    If you dont mod it properly, you will get banned,also i wouldnt bother doing it because it hardly seems worth it

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    Re: [Question] Profile Modding

    It quite safe. I NEver condone gamerscore modding, i think if you're too weak to earn the acheivement than you rightfully shouldn't have it. However i do mod achievements for my friends when they ask me and about a year ago i modded one friend, Jay Beasty, from 5000ish gamerscore to 115000 gamerscore in a matter of minutes. and two months ago i did an online friend from 10k to 50k in like ten minutes. neither has ever recieved Any trouble for having a modded gamerscore. not to say you will not get reset. its a matter of luck, but normally when you're under 100k you wont get any trouble from microsoft. and just to get it out there i have 106,000 hard earned gamerscore. (and i did mod my crown for about a year before i decided i wanted it back to four where i was, never got in trouble) bottom line__do it right and youre fine

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    Re: [Question] Profile Modding

    If your account has never been connected to the internet, then they have no way of knowing that you modded your achievements. I'd mod as much as I cold first, then completely stop modding the profile once connected.
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