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Bleach ending at episode 366
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    Bleach ending at episode 366

    So apparently the anime Bleach is ending at episode 366 which is aired on may 27th 2012, because the anime was reaching the manga.

    While the show may get a rebranding and restart in the future after the manga has gotten further ahead, like Naruto Shippuden, the listing indicates this will indeed be the end of this series. WebNewtype usually does not mark series which are known to have split seasons, or are going on a known hiatus, as having final episodes between seasons.
    And a new anime/spin-off called "Naruto SD: Rock Lee no Seishun Full-Power Ninden" will take Bleach time slot.

    Here is a trailer of the new anime/spin-off

    On April 3rd, Bleach's time slot will be taken over by Naruto SD: Rock Lee no Seishun Full-Power Ninden, the anime adaptation of Kenji Taira's younger audience Saikyou Jump spin-off to Naruto.

    Naruto Shippūden movie director Masahiko Murata will helm the series, which has an opening theme featuring ANIMETAL USA with Hironobu Kageyama.
    source: crunchyroll(dot)com

    Personally i find it sad, simply because Bleach still has too many plot holes like Shunsui Kyōraku & Jūshirō Ukitake bankai's.
    Also i would have preferred the "new" anime as a filler, since we know fillers are coming after the current arc...probably. *sigh*

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    Re: Bleach ending at episode 366

    yup heard about this from a user on here his name is Ryudo, i was so sad to find out and still sad now =(, hopefully they will bring it back later on after the manga gets farther, all we can do is hope
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    Re: Bleach ending at episode 366

    Im sad myself, im hoping they just do a hiatus... and the irony is that when the manga was finally reaching the final arc, the anime just ends all of a sudden and to be replaced by that P.O.S. i love NARUTO but that is garbage!.

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    Re: Bleach ending at episode 366

    i hope they keep making more just look at case closed its still going its at 649 an still going
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    Re: Bleach ending at episode 366

    It's incredibly dumb of them to stop the anime in the middle of a new (and actual final arc). If they were really going to end the Anime it should've been done at the end of the Aizen arc.

    Currently the Manga is unfolding many things in this new arc, and some of my favorite characters made a return. I would have loved to see this adapt into an anime version. But who knows, maybe later in 2012/2013 that they'll decide to create an anime of the last arc.
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    Re: Bleach ending at episode 366

    This information right here just blew my face off. And just when it was getting good too. This sucks man...

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    Re: Bleach ending at episode 366

    no there wont be a second season because the manga is at the last arc to sad

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    Re: Bleach ending at episode 366

    Is really sad that this Manga & anime is ending such awesome series i been following this since 2003 i believe and is been a awesome ride reading and watching this wonderful show, it will be miss when is done.
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