A while back I tried adding the badass shout that Alduin uses at the beginning of the game to my character, with no luck except adding every spell with the psb command, which kinda sucks IMO. I looked online, through various wikis and had no luck. Gave up on it for a while because I had bought a few new games and figured I could try when the creation kit came out, which sadly doesn't like working for me now that I have it. Anyways, I decided to try again, sat in the game and basicly wrote down evey spell and shout that Alduin had using the console, then anything having to do with the spell on the wiki. After much trial and error I finally got it to work, yay. It was a combination of adding the shout, which I could never unlock with a soul, and then a certain word. The mechanics are a bit wierd, but you have the choice of adding one, or all three words, each giving a different shout, and unlocking one of those words also gives you access to the dragon Stormcall shout. Not sure if this is obsolete now that the creation kit is out, but figured I'd share it anyways, since it's quick and easy to do.

First add the shout itself (player.addshout 4c40b) you can't unlock it yet, but it will be there greyed out. Next thing is to add your word(s) of choice. There are 3 words, each unlocking a different, normally unaccessable shout (player.teachword 252c3) you get Ice Storm Shout, with 252c4 you get Frost Breath shout, and with 252c5 you get the Fireball Shout. Add one or all three and when you use a soul to unlock it, it will unlock the Dragon Stormcall shout as well. Enjoy raining fire down on Skyrim.