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ME3 modding reputation?
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    ME3 modding reputation?

    ive been trying to mod my reputation with the gibbed editor, but every time i set a number for it, it just goes back to 1 after i open it in mass effect 3. Does anybody know what the max reputation is or what i have to do for the number to stick? thanks.

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    Re: ME3 modding reputation?

    Try using Idlehands88 Me3 save editor to mod your reputation.

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    Re: ME3 modding reputation?

    there are two places where the reputation is changeable the first i think is under plot or player category in the raw tab, and it just says "reputation", this one is always 1 for me but the one you need to add the points to is named "reputation points" which is around 1600 for me and that's well past maxed out.



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