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Mass Effect 3 Editing
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    Mass Effect 3 Editing

    using Gibbed's editor, the only problem i'm having is getting the grenade values to stick. With the updated version i can put any amount of grenades I want, but as soon as I throw one grenade the value reverts back to six. Can anyone provide some assistance, or is there no way to mod the grenades yet?

    thanks in advance!
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    Re: Mass Effect 3 Editing

    grenades dont stick

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    Re: Mass Effect 3 Editing

    Quote Originally Posted by TwztdKaos View Post
    grenades dont stick
    I just sent Gibb a tweet. Maybe in a future version.


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    This couldn't have went in the Gibbed thread? Not trying to be the forum police but still.

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    ^^forum police indeed. Lol



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