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UFC Personal Trainer- (Working out 100 days straight!)
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    UFC Personal Trainer- (Working out 100 days straight!)

    This save is for the game UFC Personal Trainer, I have gone through the 100 days of working about 3 times since this game is so glitchy.
    I have the save set on the 99th day, so the Xbox calender has to be set on April 3, 2012. I have also tested this on an account to see how the achievements pop.
    I have also noticed that they pop out of order, with the easier achievements popping last. If you already have the latter achievements or just need the 100 day achievement,
    then this save is for you. Here's the order of the achievements that pop when you load save and go to current workout:

    1) Average Joe - Worked out 3x in a week.
    2) Gym Rat - worked out everyday in a week.
    3) Dialed In - worked out for 30 days straight
    4) Training Devotee - worked out for 100 days straight <--- ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE!!
    5) 1 Hour Photo Finish - worked out for an hour <-- See how these would come before the days :(
    6) 5 Hours of Energy - worked out for 5 hours
    7) 10 Hour Power - worked out for 10 hours
    8) Unstoppable - worked out for 15 hours
    9) Epic Milestone - worked out for 30 hours

    I'm sure you can unlock more by actually doing the exercises. I am missing the 3 60-day workouts accomplishment and a few more fitness tests before I get the 100%
    game completion achievement, but I certainly hope to share that as well!

    Thanks and You're Welcome. :)


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    Re: UFC Personal Trainer- (Working out 100 days straight!)

    nice share...

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    Re: UFC Personal Trainer- (Working out 100 days straight!)

    very nice save shared man :)
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    Awesome save thanks for the share

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    Re: UFC Personal Trainer- (Working out 100 days straight!)

    Very nice save, thank you for the share bro!

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    Re: UFC Personal Trainer- (Working out 100 days straight!)

    how do I use it?

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    Re: UFC Personal Trainer- (Working out 100 days straight!)

    yeah i cant get it to work too

    i resigned the save, change the date, loaded it, but nothing pops
    (and i'm not a noob)

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    Re: UFC Personal Trainer- (Working out 100 days straight!)


    I got past 30 days and it didnt unlock I think I was workign out at night and it didnt finish day 29 till after midnight IT WAS FRUSTRATING and there are some I wasnt going to do but I love the Game almost as much as I love this Save !!!!!


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