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Wii U apparently LESS powerful than current gen consoles
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    Wii U apparently LESS powerful than current gen consoles

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    Developers who have spoken under the condition of anonymity have told Games Industry International that the Wii U is actually less powerful than the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3. This will come as shocking news to many as developers have previously said the console was slightly more powerful than both current gen consoles.

    “No, it’s not up to the same level as the PS3 or the 360.,” said one developer who’s been working with the Wii U. What does that mean? “The graphics are just not as powerful,”

    “Yeah, that’s true. It doesn’t produce graphics as well as the PS3 or the 360. There aren’t as many shaders, it’s not as capable. Sure, some things are better, mostly as a result of it being a more modern design. But overall the Wii U just can’t quite keep up.” Said another source.
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    Re: Wii U apparently LESS powerful than current gen consoles

    I read about this a few days back.. I really like Nintendo they have some fun games, i wasnt to excited when i read that it wasnt going to be as powerful as the 360 and ps3.. But the wii didnt have good graphics either but the games were still fun.. I love all the Smash Bros and Mario Parties so maybe ill pick this up if they have either one of those.

    Thx for the share.
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    Re: Wii U apparently LESS powerful than current gen consoles

    that looks nice, but still wont buy it

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    Re: Wii U apparently LESS powerful than current gen consoles

    interesting to know, but i still want gameplay videos lol
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    Lmao i knew it nothing is better on the wii i don't know if you guys remember a few days back we read this article here in haven about some developer saying the Alien marine colonies or whatever the hell the new alien game its gonna be called he was saying the that game was gonna look better on the wii u then the ps3 n 360 version lmao i knew he was full of shit cuz we all know Nintendo by now n graphics is not there thing they suck at it there games look like we still playing ps2 no fuck it ps2 looks better killzone 1n2 were the shittt, Nintendo still haven't made a game on the wii the looks even close to killzone on the ps2 the point is why are this fake developers trying to hype a system that's gonna suck ass that's false advertising way to go Nintendo who are you paying to hype your piece of shit new system better then the ps3 n 360 please keep dreaming n only wait till the ps4 n 720 comes out you going down like sega bitch lmao.
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