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Save Game Edit with Point Numbers
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    Save Game Edit with Point Numbers

    Hey guys

    Hope Point number is the right word :D

    Im trying to edit the Bully scholarship savegame, but i don't get it, normaly it's no Problem to edit a savegame, but i don't know how to edit a game with Point number.
    Should i handle 17.5 like 1750 or is there another way ?

    Thanks for any help and sry for my bad english^^


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    Re: Save Game Edit with Point Numbers

    = 1750

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    Re: Save Game Edit with Point Numbers

    ok thanks

    But when i tried this, my savegame always gets corrupted, i used the Jamies Rehash and Resign and Modio to Resign and Rehash.
    Till now it worked all the time, i also use total commander and not a USB stick, to transfer the Savegame, i hope it makes no difference


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    Re: Save Game Edit with Point Numbers

    I don't have the game so I cant say,
    Are you just searching in a hex editor?
    Try just using single(float) 17.5 (418C0000)

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    Re: Save Game Edit with Point Numbers

    Yep, i just use a Hexeditor (Hex Workshop Hex Editor (x64) )

    Whats the difference between single float and normal Hex?

    And thanks

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    Re: Save Game Edit with Point Numbers

    float = decimal
    hex = base 16 value
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    Vincent Valentine

    Re: Save Game Edit with Point Numbers

    im not exactly sure but i think bully scholarship edition has a checksum... if you want loads of cash you could simply use the cheat but you need 2 controllers (one you already use and 1 more)

    here is a link to the cheats: http://www.cheatcc.com/xbox360/bully...eatscodes.html

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    Re: Save Game Edit with Point Numbers

    I know :D but i think, 418C0000 is not a Dez number?
    Thx for the link, i don't know the normal cheating is "lame", the challange to edit a savegame makes much more fun :D
    I should read the tut^^



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