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[Release] RED HULK"S AIO v5
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    Noctis Caelum


    So i decided to release this early as a gift because its easter...
    I have about 12-13 more editors to add, which they all will be added in the next release...Next release will prolly be thursday or friday
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Main AIO pic.JPG 
Views:	292 
Size:	61.3 KB 
ID:	6991
    Just the main look where u can open,close and browse the current mod tools
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Main AIO with editors.JPG 
Views:	299 
Size:	72.8 KB 
ID:	6992
    Here you can simplay choose a editor
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	STFS pic.JPG 
Views:	235 
Size:	46.2 KB 
ID:	6993
    This is when u open a save..You can easily mod the save (if i have the editor) by pressing the mod button...The mod button will only be displayed if i have the mod tool...Also u can choose to either rehash and resign a save...Here's one thing everyone will like, say u download a save and want to replace the save with your id's, all you do is..1.Open the downloaded save....2.you will see a button that says load ids from save, click that.3. choose a save that is ur own (that already has ur ids, and it will automatically add ur ids onto the downloaded save then hit rehash and resign..thats it
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Stfs pic after open save.JPG 
Views:	203 
Size:	43.1 KB 
ID:	6994
    Here u can simply choose to extract,inject or replace a save.
    Here is a list of the current editors and coming soon ones..
    All New Games are displayed in RED
    Mass Effect 3
    Amored COre 4
    Dead or Alive 4Added back v5
    Silent Hill 2
    Dead Space 1
    Godfather 1
    Godfather 2
    tiger woods 13
    force unleashed 
    Mlb 2k12
    GI Joe
    Ace Combat 6
    Amored Core for Answer
    Bionic Commando
    Bullet Witch
    Front Mission Evolved
    De Blob 2
    Blade Kitten
    Fantastic Four
    Golden Axe Beast rider
    Hannah Montana
    Harry Potter HBP
    Hitman Blood Money
    Lost Planet 2
    The cursed Crusade(Added in v3)
    Mlb 2k11
    Motogp 06
    Motogp 07
    Naruto Storm 2
    Hot Pursuit
    Ninety nine nights
    Ninja Blade
    Project Gotham 3
    Project Gotham 4
    Prison Break
    Shrek the third
    Smash court tennis
    Sonic unleased
    sonic Generations
    Soul Calibur 4
    Soul Calibur 5
    Star wars clone wars
    virtua tennis 09
    The ClubAdded back v5
    Tiger Woods 10(Added in v3)
    Tiger woods 11(Added in v3)
    Tiger woods 12(Added in v3)
    Top spin 3
    Top spin 4
    Way of the samurai 3
    DOA Xtreme 2
    Def Jam Icon(Added in v3)
    Nba HomeCourt(Added in v3)
    DMC 1(Added in v3)
    DMC 2 (added in v4)
    DMC 4(Added in v3)
    Doom 1
    Doom 2
    Marvel Alliance 1 (Added in v3)
    Marvel Alliance 2 (Added in v3)
    Shoot Many Robots
    Knights Contract(Added in v3)
    Alpha Protocol(Added in v3)
    Prototype(Added in v3)
    Conan(Added in v3)
    Borderlands (added in v4)
    Arcania Gothic 4 (added in v4)
    Earth Defense 2017 (added in v4)
    Legends Of Troy (added in v4)
    Monopoly (added in v4)
    Resident Evil 5 (added in v4)
    Snipers (added in v4)
    Tenchu Z (added in v4)
    NBA 2k11Added in v5
    Armored Core VAdded in v5
    Mortal KombatAdded in v5
    Naruto Ultimate Storm GenerationsAdded in v5
    Onechanbara Bikini Samurai SquadAdded in v5
    Dead Or Alive 4 (returned)
    The Club (Returned)
    They are not in order as i want my AIO to be different but if u want go by the list, they are in order by the list provided...A few editors have a coming soon label, those are the ones i have done but didnt add cause i wanted to release as a gift for the holiday...But will be added before the next update with a few others...Also the ones that i add in the editor that i didnt release single or that are just new will be labeled in red so u which ones are newly added....I will have frequent updates so please keep checking back to this thread
    The thank you section is rite on the editor its very noticeable.....Also if you have any issues please post them here and do not pm me please...If u do have any issues please upload a save and explain in detail whats wrong, if u do not upload a save with your issue i wont be able to help...
    O yea when u click to open it may take around 10-15 sec's to load please be patient, when u wanna close the AIO hit the BLACK DOOR looking thing above the hulk picture on the main page..lol....Well i hope you all enjoy and please if u appreciate my work and download and use please hit the thank you button to show your appreciation for the hardwork that went and will go into this project
    Sorry but its a pretty big file, in the next release it should be alot smaller
    Update: v4 is out and added a couple games, check the list above....thanksv5 will come soon, will keep everyone updated enjoy
    v5 is out added a couple new games check the list for v5 releases...enjoy

    Last edited by Noctis Caelum; 05-09-2012 at 12:41 AM.

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    The Immortal God

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    Re: RED HULK"S AIO v1

    awesome work red hulk on this AIO, keep up the great job :)
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    Re: RED HULK"S AIO v1

    Awesome work hulk.Thank you
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    Noctis Caelum

    Re: RED HULK"S AIO v1

    Quote Originally Posted by CloudStrife7x View Post
    awesome work red hulk on this AIO, keep up the great job :)
    thank you cloud and RPG

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    Vincent Valentine

    Re: RED HULK"S AIO v1

    nice man, glad to see this released :)

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    Noctis Caelum

    Re: RED HULK"S AIO v1

    Quote Originally Posted by Odd Future View Post
    nice man, glad to see this released :)
    thank you appreciate that....felt it was good enough for rite now

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    Re: RED HULK"S AIO v1

    i just jizzed in my pants. awesome tool man.

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    Haven Donator
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    Re: RED HULK"S AIO v1

    Excellent!! work m8, looks great thnx very much.
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