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Certain members absuing their site powers
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    Certain members absuing their site powers

    now in threads for editor publication, i try to be as thankful as i can while mentioning various faults within the editor and what not. i might try to put others in line for belittling people for trying to point out said faults and being made a fool of in the process. some contributors to this site seem to think that just because they make editors for the site that gives them the right to act however they want to anybody. i did not act out of place and my comments were warranted considering the audacity of his comments. im not going to mention his name but he knows who he is. i just think he was upset because i was trying to point out faults within his editor so other people could adjust accordingly, i understand that no editor is perfect and it was not my intention to insult his handiwork. i just dont appreciate certain members of this site abusing their powers when they know theyre wrong and dont want to own up to it. what he did was improper and downright insulting and im not going to take it sitting down. we're encouraged to post at this site but if stuff like this happens more often then what's the point? if some people dont know how to take constructive criticism then there shouldnt be open forum discussing said editors and what not. sorry, i just had to rant because the guy had the nerve to unsubscribe me and block me from his thread even though i did nothing wrong. he refused to read my post because apparently i didnt separate my paragraphs properly, lol. sorry but this isnt college. anyways, i had to rant. sorry you all had to hear this. im done now.

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    Re: Certain members absuing their site powers

    Edit: Nevermind.

    Good luck with this topic, TC. I feel for you.
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    Re: Certain members absuing their site powers

    Well I understand where both of you are coming from and yes it does happen, but lets admit it happens on every site....I dont agree with it but what can you do..

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    Re: Certain members absuing their site powers

    I'm sorry but your just acting like a little cunt cause I posted on my AIO page complaining towards u that when I first replied to u there wasnt anything rude about it and now you are taking it out of my thread and turning 1 brand new thread into a hate thread towards me.... If anyone is abusing their power it's you even though you or I have any power on this site.

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    Re: Certain members absuing their site powers

    I'm issuing a warning to both of you. Continuing to argue over in threads will result in a suspension for the both of you. Nuff' said, thread closed.

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    Re: Certain members absuing their site powers

    PS: If anyone has any issues just PM a mod or an Admin.
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