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how to unbanned your self in forza motorsport 4
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    how to unbanned your self in forza motorsport 4

    i put here because i wanted to here in 2 diferent place on this site people can see

    those are the link to watch how if u cant it because youtube might of blocked it in some places for people
    that wanted to really watch it but wait u can with is link right here
    (https://rapidshare.com/files/1033214...ed_forza_4.zip) but when u download it. it's in a exe. file so
    pretty much just unzip and it will be in a file aready for ever one that cant watch it or u just want to
    download instead of watching it on youtube


    here are the steps if your to lazy to watch the video or download the link and im sorry if u dont know what im trying to say i suck at writing so try to read it and follow it the best u can:

    quick and super easy way to un
    banned your self in (forza motor
    sport 4)

    (step1 first off u need to have a none modded/banned gamesave and put it in a flash drive or hdd or how ever people do it then load up horizon because it will be
    way more easier to do it the modio
    then save to where ever u like on
    your desktop laptop or mac so u can find ur none modded/banned
    game save...)

    (step2 now go get ur modded/banned save if u modded or u just got banned for something stupid or turn ten though u modded ur game or u put some bad on ur car or a design and upload to the store get that save...)

    (step3 now this is kinda of the stupid part u got to is now go save ur banned or modded/banned account some where esle on ur desktop laptop or mac so u will know where its at 2 now this is kinda of the hard part u need to know what 2 do is that u first got 2 click on ur banned or modded/banned save and go right over where it says contents...)

    (step4 now click on gameplay log
    player database version flags and
    journal after u clicked on that extract all of those to where u put your modded/banned or just ur banned game save at save it there it makes it easier to find later when u need them again no (forzaprofile not ur banned gamesave no for entry name) or (storefont purchasehistory u can if u want it i didnt do it...)

    (step5 now u need to go get ur none banned gamesave and switch all ur entry name with ur banned entry names and u get all ur cars back and what ever money might of had if u bought like up to 20 cars of the 10,000,000$ car then u should be good with that if u do got that i should of said that in step 2 before u save ur game save to ur desktop laptop or your mac im super sorry about that if u aready did that for the cars now go save it back to where ever u want it to be)

    (step6 the sad part of this is that u dont get any of your car designs or designs u made in the game and what ever your gamesave level was in there might not be there no more i was level 31 and im back at 0 because i had to restart it when i played again and the other sad news is there will be a big ass black box blocking your way of seeing any of yours cars you from your banned save just re-paint ever one of them its way quicker instead of remaking all the designs on yours cars it took me like 3 to 4 hours to re-paints all my cars because i had like 226 cars but idk how much u guys had or have before u got banned...)

    (step7 the good news is that u get all the titles u had before and u can go to the storefont again bid on cars again and race online again with ur friends instead of having a shitty car racing some one or your friends online now go have fun...)

    (ps... if u want me to do it for u just got to sent me both of your game saves ur modded/banned and name it so could know or just ur banned one with your none banned one 2 then ill change the entry names for u...)

    when i find out how to get the designs back in the game from what u guys had before ill upload a video and show u guys how to do it ok

    just extract all livery from contents it should be on the button left corner use your banned save first extract them not your none banned save and u can do the other one next to livery it show your design of the car instead of going back in the game to find all your car designs you did by viewing all them is a quicker of
    doing it but it might take time then you wouldn't have to repaint or resave but what i did was i just took
    the livery to make it look like i did have design on intell i viewed or used the car in the game but some of
    the cars i redid in the game before i found out how to do this so some new design are on the car showing
    the new designs instead of the old designs i have on it before i got banned just click and used the car or
    view the car if you aready made a new design and u can see which on is better the old or new one

    or here the video right here

    yes i do suck and making video how to unbanned your self i dont like how i made it i wish i could of made it shorter and and one part not 2 u might laugh at me a like 7:50 to like 7:53 i think in one of the video idk what i was saying but i hate taking in videos so i might sound dumb

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    Noctis Caelum

    Re: how to unbanned your self in forza motorsport 4

    ok this isnt that serious for 2 of the same threads but nice share anyway again lol

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    Re: how to unbanned your self in forza motorsport 4

    Quote Originally Posted by Red Hulkv2 View Post
    ok this isnt that serious for 2 of the same threads but nice share anyway again lol
    exactly what i was thinking lol
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    Re: how to unbanned your self in forza motorsport 4

    i just put it there because u might never know when it can get delete for no reason and there will be one up still i just made it a lil better for people so it won thave to be in gamesaves

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    Re: how to unbanned your self in forza motorsport 4

    can you please get me unbanned?

    for some reason. i cant upload my save here on the site.

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    Re: how to unbanned your self in forza motorsport 4

    I might have to try this. Should clear it up a little though, struggled to read it, just go over it and see what you can change...

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    Re: how to unbanned your self in forza motorsport 4

    i know what u mean by reading it i know when i was making this idk what to write to just make it shorter but the video helps alot if u watch it if just watch the videos i plus it instead of
    just reading whats i wrote in the video and i do suck at writing



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