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Mod Xbox for DLC
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    Mod Xbox for DLC

    I was wondering is there an easy way to mod your xbox to accept downloaded DLC. I see several people here have posted it but not sure how I would mod the Xbox to use it. Been reading around most things sound like a big project and a lot to keep things working correctly. Thanks for the help

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    Re: Mod Xbox for DLC

    Only if your console is a JTAG or RGH, else there is profile switching for retail consoles.
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    Re: Mod Xbox for DLC

    I am sure probably nothing as simple as I am looking for as running and installing some progrm. Basically I don't mind paying for things but for exampple im playing RE operation raccoon city they had a weapons pack and costumes for 10 in live marketplace but only lasted a week. So can no longer get it so which is reason was wanting to download it. I checked ebay and not work 20.00+ by any means lol

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    Re: Mod Xbox for DLC

    Also alot of dlc people post here isnt signed, you can inject some of that with Horizon.
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    Re: Mod Xbox for DLC

    I tried with the one for RE operation raccoon city but nothing would show up



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