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Bulletstorm - Skill Point Editor
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    Bulletstorm - Skill Point Editor

    - Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 or higher
    - Edits game save directly
    - Edit 'Skill Point' amount
    - Proper handling of the Xbox 360's Secure Transacted File System (re-hash/re-sign/block chaining/base validation/etc.)
    How to use:
    1) Connect storage device with Bulletstorm game save to your PC
    2) Open storage device with preferred application (Xplorer360/Xport/FATXplorer/Party Buffalo Drive Explorer/etc.)
    3) Select partition containing \Content\ folder
    4) Navigate to \Content\*ProfileID*\454108EF\00000001\
    5) Extract 'PlayerFile' to desired folder
    6) Open Bulletstorm - Skill Point Editor.exe and drag & drop (or type the file path manually) into the console window and press enter
    7) Press '1' and enter to edit Skill Points amount
    8) Type a number greater than or equal to 0 and less than or equal to 2147438647 (100000000 recommended)
    9) Press enter and your new value will be written and your 'PlayerFile' will be re-hashed/re-signed automatically
    10) Replace existing 'PlayerFile' on storage device with newly edited one and load up your game

    I seen there was similar program posted up but I was already pretty far into programming for this app so figured I'd post this anyway.

    On another note, I know I haven't been around much lately and I apologize for that. I'm going to try to be more active 'round the forums and get some new programs going for the site. I've recently been looking into editing stats, unlocking characters and calculating the check for MvC3 so keep tuned for that if you're interested.

    Anyway the editor is pretty simplistic and should be straight forward to use. I thought about putting more into this but if you've played the game then you know it's pretty easy on its own without edits, I concluded it wasn't worth the time. A readme is included and as always, report bugs and enjoy.


    Bulletstorm - Skill Point Editor.zip


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    Nice job feudalnate, glad to hear u will be more active around here, cant wait for the awesome programs u will make
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    nice job cant wait to get the game 2marow

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    im getting this tomorrow as well. but, im getting it at best buy. so i can pick up the gears of war pack for $5.00...
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    Game looks awesome, cant wait to play to play this :)
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    well, feudalnate does it again - thank you!

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    Thanx feudalnate. Just tested it.

    1. Because it is dos based it did not like my long folder extension name. I had to move the file closer to the root of the drive for the program to work.
    2. I found my save did not work after editing (continue campaigne would not appear). I ran it through the good old trust 'Xbox360 Hash block Calculator' program and it then worked sweet.

    Thanx heaps man.

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    Worked perfectly, thanks!
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