i played the hell out of the previous installment and have to say that the sequel is sorely lacking. the only thing that saves it from total neglect is its online co-op feature, something that everyone was begging for in the previous installment. the previous installment was way longer, better looking, had way more variety of environments instead of ONLY taking place in the city, had way more action on screen, had a better b movie feel to it, had better and more weapons and was just overall a much better game than insect armageddon which is sad because i had high expectations from this game when it was first announced. i think its funny that for some of the dialogue in "ia" they talk smack about the tokyo edf when they had to deal with a hell of a lot more crap than tf lightning ever had to. considering both games were the same price at release and edf 2017 came out years earlier and still outshines "ia" makes it even more sad. this game has rush job written all over it thinking theyd make a quick buck. also the voice acting was just plain bad. not just cheesy in a godzilla-type b-movie kinda way like the previous installment, but just plain bad. i kept the voice turned off while i was playing this. just plain bad voice acting doesnt automatically make it charming in a b-movie-ish kinda way. anyone who has played the previous installment knows what i mean. ia is just a huge disappointment. sandlot needs to get back together and make a proper sequel and fix the damage that vicious cycle has done.