Hi guys,as we all know the hitachi 79/78 lt 3.0 f/w is not released yet,thus making it difficult for hitachi 79/78 owners to play xgd3 back up games.
The silent dae.bin update has caused a headache for a lot of people,me included.
C4eva has stated that the hitachi 79/78 lt+2.0b is compatable for xgd3 back up games only if they are not truncated,meaning you need a lite on ihas burner of the B models flashed with burnermax, check c4evas website for compatible burners.
I have made many coasters trying to burn xgd3 backups,i actually decided to stay away from xgd3 games for a while, but eventually i found suitable settings that have now allowed me to play xgd3 back ups successfully.
I must mention,the dae.bin update has apparently made each console react in its it own unique way,and ive heard some hitachi 79/78 drives ignore ap2.5 checks.
The reason im stating this is because as these settings work for me i mean NO foul if they do not work for you,but if you have problems playing xgd3 backups . why not give this method a try, right?

Firstly its VERY important to use a ihas lite on burner compatible for burnermax as this burns xgd3 100%.

Also you need to download the eeprom utility (google it).

ok here are my settings,

1)tick perform opc (if burning at 4x speed,if 2.4 do not tick,prototype 2)
2)Untick Enable burn proof
3)I/O PAGE 2: Buffer size=81
4)Calculate optimal.

eeprom settings:
*ALWAYS CLEAR OPC BEFORE EVERY BURN,located in the options tab (VERY VERY VERY VERY important)

1) tick smart burn
2)tick force hyper tuning
3)tick over speed writing
....also in the options tab

-Batman arkham city
-saints row the third
-gears of war 3
-cod mw3
-forza 4,disk 1 and 2
-prototype 2
-Dark souls

So far using this method ive had a 100% success rate,im using hitachi 79 ,lt 2.0b firmware
lite on 324 b ihas burner flashed with burner max
Latest dashboard
latest imgeburn
VERBATIM discs 8.5g

I also have my burnermax firmware crossedflashed with a f/w that allows me to use ritek(or any other disc) dl discs, its called mediacodespeededit,google it, but we
all know verbs are the best.
As i said before i DID have many non working discs but using this method ive had nothing but success,if it doesnt work for you ,im sorry, i just thought ill post this incase it does help some people.

any questions i will answer, but dont hate as im trying to help .
cheers boys, good luck.