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A trailer for Rayman Legends on Wii U has leaked
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    Adore A trailer for Rayman Legends on Wii U has leaked

    A trailer for Rayman Legends on Wii U has leaked, showcasing the console's graphical power, touch-screen tablet and NFC (near field communication) capabilities.

    The video shows roughly two minutes of Wii U gameplay and boasts of an "epic rendering engine". The Wii U's graphical power appears to match that of PS3 and Xbox 360.

    The Wii U version allows gamers to use the console's tablet controller as a separate screen during four-person multiplayer. You can shift on-screen platforms with a swipe of the touch-screen.

    The Wii U's tablet also offers NFC compatibility with Ubisoft toys. Gamers can conjure a Raving Rabbid and heart into the game by placing models on top of the Wii U tablet controller's touch-screen. Ubisoft hints at Assassin's Creed's Ezio making an appearance.

    Legends supports online gameplay and social features, and allows friends to set challenges for each other.

    Ubisoft are trying to remove the video from YouTube as you read this

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    Re: A trailer for Rayman Legends on Wii U has leaked

    Looks pretty good, still debating in my head on if I will get a Wii-U or not but the game does look great.

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    Re: A trailer for Rayman Legends on Wii U has leaked

    it does look pretty good, but i want to see other games for Wii U gameplay videos lol
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    Re: A trailer for Rayman Legends on Wii U has leaked

    looks like fun ill probably hold off till i see some zelda

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    Re: A trailer for Rayman Legends on Wii U has leaked

    I love the Raymond games, although I do want to see other games as well, but also decide if getting a Wii-U.
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    It's ok i guess great share
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