i was wondering would someone be interested in hex editing an xbox1 xbe file and changing the games title id to something that is on the xbox compatibility for xbox360. i read somewhere that its been done to get games to work that arent on the compatibility list to work.

the game i would love to get working is LMA Manager 2006 xbox1. the game loads fine. i create a game, put in manager details, change clothes and all that then continue the game. it goes to loading splash screen then it freezes a few seconds later.

so i had a look around the net and came across some peoples ideas on editing the xbe file to a title id for a game that works on 360. one that people change too is for halo 1.

so my question is would someone be willing to give it ago for me? i have no knowledge of hex editing. i tried it last night and today trying to find the title id. didnt get anywhere.

anyways ill upload the default xbe file and if someone wants to have a go at changing the title id then id be really happy.