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[Trainer] Blades of Time +6? [v0.1]
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    [Trainer] Blades of Time +6? [v0.1]

    This one was a little to easy for my taste as there were debug strings left in the game allowing you to control a good portion of engine via them.

    I haven't tested them all but here's the options:


    God Mode
    Player Debugging
    Path walker Debugging
    Disable AI
    Navigation Debugging

    There's some other stuff in the game I may mess with if I have the time the interest really it's really boring making a trainer for a game when everything's right in front of you there's no challenge to it.

    And I honestly wouldn't have even bothered if it wasn't requested, bu there you go trainer done if anyone knows what the name of that little bar you gain spells health with I may be able to find a way to change that as well.

    Also who knew this game was multiplayer? or at least intended to be?

    A lot of multiplayer debugging options here along with controls for match making checking if you're signed into live and blah blah.

    but whatever, enjoy another trainer guys not my best work nor my most challenging nor am I proud of it I just wrote some quick code up to change the values while you're in-game and yeah.

    Drop the Trainer loader AND trainer.xex into the game folder with it's default.xex
    Launch the Trainer Loader
    Press start+back whilist in game

    Onto the next game I go, someone else can improve these options with those debug strings being available a monkey could do it.

    Updated with a fix for god mode...
    Only issue is the fact that you'll have to re-enable it after every level load or save game load as it appears to have been crashing the game during such events.

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    Re: [Trainer] Blades of Time +6? [v0.1]

    nice share DeadlyData
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    Re: [Trainer] Blades of Time +6? [v0.1]

    nice trainer, mediocre game

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    Re: [Trainer] Blades of Time +6? [v0.1]

    very nice trainer posted DeadlyData :)
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    Re: [Trainer] Blades of Time +6? [v0.1]

    Awesome, if you want a real challenge you may try Fable II GOTHY or Banjo kazooie nuts and bolts (most complicated i think) :)

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    Re: [Trainer] Blades of Time +6? [v0.1]

    awesome trainer someone finally got god mode working thanks man

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    Re: [Trainer] Blades of Time +6? [v0.1]

    the trainer works perfect thanks again

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    Awesome trainer data great job thanks
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