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[Trainer] BioShock +4 [v0.1]
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    BioShock +4 [v0.1]

    Brings you yet another xbox360 trainer,
    This time it's BioShock.

    This trainer still needs some testing done on regular JTAG consoles as it was developed on a devkit 360.

    BioShock +4 [v0.1] Trainer brought to you by TheDefaced


    Inf Health
    One Hit Kills
    Inf Plasma ( Energy/Shock Power )
    Inf Ammo ( Buggy, sometimes you'll get negative ammo values which will make it so you're unable to switch back to the weapon if you switch away from it or etc. )

    1. Download the attached files.
    2. Unzip the files
    3. Drop the TDDev_TrainerLoader.xex and Trainer.xex into the BioShock game folder with the Default.xex
    4. Launch the game using TDDev_TrainerLoader.xex
    5. Press Start+Back while in the game and follow the on-screen instructions.

    Additional Info
    Don't really have much else to say about this one,
    Except that it really does need some additional testing and that I haven't put too much time into it.

    I had seen the requests on here for a God Mode BioShock 1 & 2 trainer so I went to it, after looking into the game it seemed fairly simple and thus comes this trainer to you guys.

    Hope you enjoy another release from TheDefaced/DeadlyData.

    I no longer have the time to teach people how to make trainers or etc so just don't ask.

    The source code isn't available and I really don't plan to release it,
    If you want to make your trainer with a GUI just read through the SDK docs and you'll easily figure it out if you're actually competent and skilled at programming.

    Pictures (Warning to 56k users this pictures are VERY large)

    Any additional questions or comments can be left to this post.\

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    re: BioShock +4 [v0.1]

    nice share again DeadlyData keep it up
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    re: BioShock +4 [v0.1]

    man i wish i had a rgh/devkit/jtag, so i could start using all these great trainers XD, keep up the awesome work bro :)
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    re: BioShock +4 [v0.1]

    This is great, I've been meaning to come back to this game before Infinite comes out.

    That said, I can't seem to get the trainer properly going... It appears to be active but I continue to take damage. I also tested the one hit kill with no success. Is there a specific TU that should be used with the trainer? Do you have any other suggestions to get it working?


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    re: BioShock +4 [v0.1]

    Quote Originally Posted by CloudStrife7x View Post
    man i wish i had a rgh/devkit/jtag, so i could start using all these great trainers XD, keep up the awesome work bro :)
    I wish I also had one to, but no. We'll both get one someday.
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    re: BioShock +4 [v0.1]

    i'm very sorry that the linking you post attachment can not be download,i hope you can fix it, thanks a lot

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    re: BioShock +4 [v0.1]

    yes im having the same problem with the link its dead :( hope you can get it sorted. cant wait to try this trainer :) thanks

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    Links dead

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