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Scared over wii u
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    Scared over wii u


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    Re: Scared over wii u

    interesting information, nice share klo
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    Re: Scared over wii u

    sounds to me like they are only jealous of nintendo...
    even if they recreate stuff over and over... that doesn't mean their consoles are less liked...
    people like to see games they liked to come back in a new light...

    and besides... whats wrong in using the same mascot for all your stuff and for years maybe even till the end ?!...

    the reasons for the sales that are going down for the wii is as of now only by statistics ever user in the world would have one or two wii at home... other consoles can't keep up with that number ^_^'''
    as for the bad start for the 3ds... well that was bad PR... if they hadn't created the dsi in between it would have been better for them there...
    they messed that up ^_^
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    Re: Scared over wii u

    Nice share, but I'm nit for sure I agree with the article, the system has not even been released yet, and to say it will fail before hand is crazy, but thanks for the share, love to read other peoples opinions.



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