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can anyone help me with achievement unlocker
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    can anyone help me with achievement unlocker

    hey guys i used achievement unlocker to well unlock some achievements but when i put it back on my xbox and went to achievements it said play games to unlock them i loaded up a game and it said they were all locked? did i do something wrong or was i supposed to recover my account?

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    Re: can anyone help me with achievement unlocker

    Did you resign your profile once you had modded the cheevos? i havent done it in along time so i dont know if the newer ones do this once you save the changes.
    also if you have alot of legit gamerscore dont bother as they will just reset you back to 0 eventualy happend to me and 2 people i know who modded it.

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    Re: can anyone help me with achievement unlocker

    achievement unlockers are useful tools as long as they are not abused. So if you get reset after use its because of abuse or you didnt know what you were doing and got the dates all f-ed up or unlocked online achievements offline or unlocked to much at once. Infinity by hazard has a unlocker that works just be smart about it
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    Re: can anyone help me with achievement unlocker

    exProfile Editor seems good you should try that its on this site do a search for it
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