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any new DunDef character mods?
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    any new DunDef character mods?

    Are there any new character mods. mostly looking for something cool such as changing the size, type of weapon they can hold, abilities, what they look like (not color), etc. any thing would be great.
    Also looking for how to mod the Eternia Crystal.

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    Re: any new DunDef character mods?

    Yep... I've done all that.

    Here's some of my videos showing what you can do:
    My Custom Game Saves (invisible crystal, dark towers, bind on account items, unsellable items, changing character colors during gameplay):

    Switching weapons on different characters:
    Apprentice w/ Lightsaber Mod

    Squire with Chaingun

    and I have done a lot more...

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    Re: any new DunDef character mods?

    First of all that is awesome and second would it be possible for you to give a tutorial. and if you cant a download link possibly? either would be fantastic, but its already cool enough to know that there are mods like those out there.

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    Re: any new DunDef character mods?

    I think you should release a tut, or possibly message me and if you show me how I'll make a tut? This would be so funnnnn!!!



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