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problems making a SE
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    problems making a SE

    Im having a prob making a simple editor i no its stupid lol but its my first one. ive made it but it keeps saying my game is cur when i go to load it.

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    Vincent Valentine

    Re: problems making a SE

    are you rehashing and resigning? and no its not stupid, everyone has to learn at some pace :) its not that easy to make a program your first time

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    Re: problems making a SE

    yeah i am and thanks lol its just its a Saints Row 3 xp editor, cause i downloaded one but the xp didn't work. ive bet the game with out mods.now im going back through it and really wanna beat the hell out of it u no. lol

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    Vincent Valentine

    Re: problems making a SE

    have you tried Jappi88's Saints Row the Third editor? or Horizons editor at xboxmb.com?

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    Wrong section buckweed this is the introduce yourself section next time general discussion if you have any problems or questions.
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    Re: problems making a SE

    thread moved...

    Quote Originally Posted by buckweet View Post
    Im having a prob making a simple editor i no its stupid lol but its my first one. ive made it but it keeps saying my game is cur when i go to load it.
    well that problem is like odd said about rehashing/resigning
    but it could also be a protection thing... like a checksum that needs to be repaired...
    have you tried editing the save file by hand and tried out if it works that way ?!
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    Re: problems making a SE

    thank you all for all ur feed back and help. i got it working now i upload it to lol thanks



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