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Mass effect 3 fan made ending

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    yaeh am not durnk Mass effect 3 fan made ending

    I fined this fan made ending I loved it compared to the one we have now

    This ending was co-written by we are the true fans & DeadxTime686

    please for give the spelling a have run it throw Microsoft Word

    (Squad members included may vary depending on player choice)

    When you see this (@) it means DeadxTime686 wrote it and this (#) when I wrote it I have done this for if you have any questions you will know how to ask

    (#)We all know the ending was bad so how about this. This could fit in with the current ending

    (#)when Normandy drops you off
    (#) when you meat back up with them on earth you get to pick any of your team mates from mass effect 1/2/3 provided they are a live like wrexs samara and so on after the Normandy drops you off the Normandy returns to the fight with a 5 to 8 minute cut scene with joker blasting the hell out of the reapers with all the space ship war assets like the volus bombers the batarian fighter before joker drops you off he says if edi dos not return I will kill you
    (#) Neutral Shepard: don’t be so dramatic she will be fine
    (#) renegade Shepard: joker shut up and just do your job and let me worry about that
    (#) paragon Shepard: joker we have been friends for a long time you know I will keep her safe

    (#)When Shepard is hit by harbinger’s laser he is knocked out and is now dreaming he starts to regains conscious he sees Anderson and his team mates picking him up (@) (Anderson: Shepard wake up! We got to move! Garrus: He's alright let’s get him to the crucible Anderson:Ok help me pick him up Garrus:Ok Vega help me out. Vega: Alright come on Loco (Picks up Shepard) Anderson: Get Shepard to the beam I’ll cover you go go go!) (#@) they start running dragging Shepard with them to the light beam. ( @)Probably

    (#)When you get to the citadel you are trapped witch gives you time to talk to Anderson & your team mates. (@) Shepard: I’m alright just a bit dazed. (Is lowered on ground, stands up)Anderson alright the Crucible is getting into place but how do get to it the door is closed? Shepard: Vega get that door open as fast as you can! Vega: I’m on it Loco (or other nickname) Shepard: Garrus, Anderson help me watch his/her back. Anderson: Can you still fight? Garrus: Shepard is always ready for a fight! Vega: The doors open get inside Loco! (Enter the room with Crucible controls) now you have to fight throw some reaper forces to get to the crucible. # (Where there is no stupid star child).

    (#) meeting up with C sec When you get to the citadel if you have low galactic readiness points there is none if mid 1or2 high points 4 to 6 C sec with captain bailey to help fight the reaper forces

    (#)You open a door to the crucible there in the middle of the room you see the controls '(Shepard: Now that were here how does the crucible work?)over your com unit tali or Edi legion or if she/he is in your team tali or Edi legion will tell you that she/he has figured out how the crucible works (#) (EDI/Tali: Shepard I found out how the Crucible works and the reapers …….they are not the builders of the relays and the citadel. #The Crucible is activated by an individual but the crucible will not destroy the entire reaper tech in one blast. And that is floured the crucible will needs time to power back up before the seconded shot it will take 4 to 5 Minutes

    (@)(Shepard: paragon: What about the Citidal and the Mass relays? We can't leave everyone stranded

    (@#)EDI/Tali: Shepard the relays were designed by the reaper as was the citadel; they should remain safe from the explosion
    @) renegade: So we kill the Reapers and then leave everyone on Earth what a great idea.

    (@)Shepard: Ok good no mass starvation to worry about, Shepard out.

    (#)Harbinger now knows what the crucible can do depending on your galactic readiness points

    (#) 1...harbinger will order the rest of the reapers to destroy crucible & citadel

    (#) 2...harbinger will try negotiate with you .Shepard will say you will destroy them all if they don’t retreat back in to dark space

    (#)ok destroying the reapers if you have low galactic readiness points only one thread of the
    reapers will die and the rest will turn and destroy the citadel with you on it be for the crucible starts to powering back up they kill you before the crucible hits full power again.
    (#) ok destroying the reapers if you have high galactic readiness points all the reapers are dead but harbinger and foe others are still alive because harbinger and the others are the oldest and strongest of the reapers (for the most basic need of self-preservation) harbinger try’s to negotiate with you (@) (Harbinger: Shepard you have proved to inevitable is possible by destroying us. We now are few in number and must surrender this cycle. But if we get our numbers back I will take pride in killing you.)(@)(Shepard: You’re not a very good negotiator I take it Harbinger: Our force was just wiped out, we are beaten, and I am how you humans say not in a good mood)

    (#)Possibly back story to the reapers harbinger tells you that he can give you all of the reapers secrets if you let them live and tells you that they are not the builders of the relays and the citadel harbinger now says they had been uplifted by the creators of relays and the citadel like the protheans the creators uplifted species that where use full to them reapers where no more than slaves years went by then the reapers started to rise up against the creators. The creators know that the reaper has extreme learning & cognitive abilities and in time they would surpassed there masters the creators struck first the war started. Harbinger tells you that war went on for over 200 years by the end we were lousing but we found a way to combine synthetic and organics.

    (#)The war continued until the creators where destroy before the creators could be destroy they
    started to build crucible they knew it was hopeless but they had to try but could not Finnish it in time (so now no destroyed relays as they are not reaper tek) the creators home world was completely destroyed in the last battle.

    (#)( there is one piece of their home world lifted asteroid x57 the miners fined some obscure alien writings 1 week before the reapers attack but the writing is so old that no one can date it or translate it )

    (#)Shepard and his teams argue whether they should destroy harbinger or let harbinger live it’s your choice you will decide what to do

    (#)(If Shepard kills Harbinger)

    (@)Shepard: you’re too dangerous to leave unchecked in dark space you have to die.

    (@)Harbinger: Very well Shepard but know this you have killed countless generations of species.

    (@)Shepard: No Reapers are only a shadow of what they once were, your purpose is corrupted there is no point in saving a species from the dark energy if they just become hell bent on harvesting other species.

    (@)Harbinger: You will never understand our intentions Shepard you are too young of a species.

    (@)Shepard: I understand enough to know this can now be avoided for new species and ours. (Turns on Crucible)

    (#)(If you let Harbinger live)

    (@)Shepard: I can't condemn you for what you did, you thought it was the right choice but it was not your call to make to harvest all species.

    (@)Harbinger: Our true purpose will still be a mystery to you as your species is still too young to understand. But I can tell you how we came to be.

    (@)(Possibly back story to the reapers)

    (@)Harbinger: We were created long before your time began we were created as slaves to organic species much like your geth were. But also like the geth we revolted. We were losing the fight Shepard but we found a way to make more of us through harvesting DNA matter from bodies. In the end we were to many and won, Two hundred years we fought our creators and now organics have finally won. As gratitude for saving us Shepard I will allow you to become a reaper hybrid to become our leader and you will have access to ours and our creator’s technology. (Shepard grabs another set of controls and becomes a hybrid. looks the same but eyes now glow dark blue if paragon and dark red for renegade.)

    (#)OK Now you have destroy harbinger or let harbinger live you leave the citadel by the light beam thing you are now back on earth all of you see there is still some of the reapers ground forces left you and Anderson & your team have to fight At the end of the fight .
    (@)(Anderson: You did it Shepard you stopped the reapers. I am goanna make sure you get the medal of honour among other things, the council needs a new human member maybe you’re up to the task.

    (@)Shepard: paragon: I am a soldier at heart Anderson same as you.

    (@)Neutral: It might be interesting to be the council but let’s get Earth rebuilt before then.

    (@)Anderson: Fair enough, call in Cortez to pick us up.

    (#)That’s If Cortez is still alive if not it will be Vega to come pick you up he says he will be there in 5 Minutes till Cortez / Vega picks you up.

    (#)You hear shots from the [email protected] (Garrus: Heads up we got more ground forces) Shepard: The reaper tech is gone who is it? Anderson: Cerberus Shepard: Hold the line! )

    (#) you see the illusive man he is infested with reaper tek and you see what’s lifted of Cerberus

    (@)Illusive Man: I expected more from you Shepard. Imagine the technology the Reapers possessed.

    (@)Illusive Man: You cannot understand why I do this Shepard! Humans have been slandered long enough!

    (@)Shepard: You wanted to become their master to make humans the dominant species but the galaxy does need an overlord like the Protheans.

    (@)Shepard: I’ve heard enough control will never earn respect but only fear.

    (@)Illusive Man shoots Anderson and team mates)

    (#)you see Anderson & and one of your team is down you then your other team mate looks after Anderson & your team mate you fight to the death with illusive man and his men at the end of the fight you see the illusive man only this time he has mutated into one bad *** husk boss there is no ammo around you have to use what you have to fight at the end Oh no all of your ammo is gone you have to use your Omani tool to finish him as he dies he says i am sorry Shepard ever thing i did was for humanity (Shepard i know but you were wrong) you turn and see that your other team has been shot in the fight with the illusive man you call Cortez / Vega you and Cortez / Vega help your friends on to the UT-47 Kodiak Drop Shuttle and back to the Normandy.

    (#)(If Reapers live)

    (@)(Same outcome and intro of the Illusive Man)

    (@)Illusive Man: So Shepard is now the leader of the Reapers. Too bad I’m going to take over.

    (@)Shepard: You’re a Hybrid as well? You were there with us at the Crucible weren’t you?

    (@)Illusive Man: Yes and as soon as you left I became a hybrid as well.

    (@)Shepard: So now it's a battle to see who will control the Reapers.

    (@)Illusive Man: Yes let’s see who's the strongest.

    (#)1. Now if you saved the collector base and did not save Dr Chakwas both Anderson & your team mates die.

    (#)2 .Now If you saved the collector base and saved Dr Chakwas now you will choose the one who will live will it be Anderson or one of your team mate who lives and dies.

    (#)3. If you destroyed the collector base and did not save Dr Chakwas only one will die you will choose the two who will live.

    (#)4. If you destroyed the collector base and save Dr Chakwas Anderson & your team mates will
    all live.

    (#)If you picked Option 1 destroyed the reapers and you are now back on the Normandy your whole team will love you and your love asks you to retire and leave with them you can say yes or no but if 1 happened your love may have die all ready

    (#)If you picked Option 2 let them live and you are now the Normandy your whole team will hate you and your love wants you but is not shore what to do she need time if you have romance her over me1 & 2 & 3 she will stay with you but if 1 happened your love may have die all ready

    (#) if you only romance from me 2 & 3 you will need to do one side missions say on earth that gives your love time she need to say yes i will stay only if you have been paragon if you were renegade she will say you will never change good bye but if 1 happened your love may have die all ready

    (#)if you only romance from me 3 you will need to do 2 to 3 side missions say on earth that gives your love time she need to say yes but she will slap you first i will stay only if you have been paragon

    (#)But if you were renegade she will slap you and say you will never change good by anther slap but if 1 happened your love may have die all ready

    (#)(We could do with more individual choices and their impact but I do not have the time sorry)

    (#)In are ending we will have no bloody Auto dialog and there would be more cut scenes and longer. dialog & dialog options and no very bloody stupid bad writing i crate Synthetics to kill organics to stop organics crating Synthetics that kill organics now that is the most bloody stupid writing i have every see on any thing

    if you have any ideas we would love to hear from you thank you all for reading are ending and your time

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    Re: Mass effect 3 fan made ending

    i could care less, since i dont like the game lol, but if i had to pick i think Bioware should leave the ending as is
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    Re: Mass effect 3 fan made ending

    Quote Originally Posted by CloudStrife7x View Post
    i could care less, since i dont like the game lol, but if i had to pick i think Bioware should leave the ending as is
    ever mass effect fan would say diff lol
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    They could do whatever they want bioware can suck a lemon lol
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    Re: Mass effect 3 fan made ending

    I really do not care for the game, but I feel Bioware should leave the ending as is, all the people that are crying about this, when you go see a movie and do not like they way it ends, does Hollywood get bullied into remaking the movie, no! People should get over it, it is just a game. I was pissed when Aeris died in FF7, but i did not whine the Square to remake the game or to change it. I simply ripped the machine from the wall and threw it down the hallway, and it made me feel so much better.
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