Serious Sam: Before First Encounter is still on its way to Xbox 360, but don’t expect it to arrive in a hurry, says developer Croteam. Work on the 360 version only began once the game launched on PC, and Croteam are saying it could be up to four months before we hear any more. Speaking on Facebook, a rep of the studio said, “Regarding Xbox 360 SS3, it is in development, so we are on it since PC was released. It does require time to do all kinds of optimisations (sic), first to fit all in memory and to get decent framerate (sic), as 360 is rather old hardware now.” On PC, Serious Sam 3: BFE was solidly received, averaging a score of around 70.

Just thought I would post this little tid-bit of info on SS3:BFE for those of who, like me have been waiting for news on this game for the xbox 360 since it was first annouced the it was heading to the 360. I think you should all check it out I have it on the pc and its alot of fun, good mindless fun. Also I got this info from x360a a game news and gamerscore tracking site, I only use it for the news.