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[Release] Minecraft XBLA Editor
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    Minecraft XBLA Editor

    Hey guys with the help of Buddah the Minecraft Editor is now here!

    How to use:
    1. Put as many items into your inventory as possible in-game then save and exit
    2. Extract your save from your USB
    3. Open your save into the Editor
    4. Mod what you want and Save
    5. Rehash/Resign your save and put your save back on your USB
    6. PLAY!



    If you are getting any Errors, please read the Spoiler below for the ways to fix the Error(s) you are getting:

    KV.bin Error
    This Error is nothing to worry about (it's annoying but doesn't really do anything). If you want to fix it then download this file and put it in the folder that it says it's missing from: http://www.mediafire.com/?mb7hmzicqgmvu4x
    String Error
    This is caused because the Editor sometimes doesn't display some items (Blank Drop-down box), to make it work, just change the Blank Items to any Item and the Editor will save.
    Attachment 7606
    Net Framework Error
    All you have to do is install the newest version of .Net Framework (4.0): http://www.microsoft...s.aspx?id=17851

    UPDATE v1.2:
    - Fixed the Errors
    - Fixed some spelling mistakes
    BIG Thanks to fairchild for fixing the Decryption of the Save
    Thanks to Buddah for helping code the Editor
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    Re: Minecraft XBLA Editor

    good shit , hell yah! way to go boys! 1st
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    Re: Minecraft XBLA Editor

    very great work on this editor Idle :)
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    Re: Minecraft XBLA Editor

    So, Idle. If you could just point me in the direction that you live so that I may fly there and smooch you on the lips...
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    Awesome work idle great editor thanks bro
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    Re: Minecraft XBLA Editor

    Great job. Well done. I pressed the thanks button even if I don't use a program. People shouldn't need a reason. Thanking for your time and effort alone is a nice gesture.
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    Re: Minecraft XBLA Editor

    Nice work Idle and Fair. However...an editor for this game kinda defeats the purpose of it being fun. Ah well at least some people will get use out of it :D
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    Re: Minecraft XBLA Editor



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