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Man Busted With Homemade Shotgun Disguised as Super Soaker
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    Man Busted With Homemade Shotgun Disguised as Super Soaker

    The Fresno Police busted 54-year-old Randy Smith for strutting around Fresno with a homemade shotgun hidden in the plastic shell of a Super Soaker. Look at this guy. That dude walking around with a plastic toy. How could that arouse suspicion?

    As creepy as it is to hollow out a children’s toy to create a deadly weapon, you’ve got to admire Smith’s craftsmanship. He’s obviously a lunatic, but that “weapon” in the image supplied to ABC 30 in Fresno sure looks like a toy. Genius craftsman or not, Smith is in a lot of trouble. Not only is making an improvised “zip gun” illegal, but Smith is an ex-con so he’s not allowed to possess firearms at all. He’s been charged on both counts.
    Source: ABC, Gizmodo
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    Re: Man Busted With Homemade Shotgun Disguised as Super Soaker

    LOL thats neat. too bad he'll be doing atleast 1yr for possession of a firearm by felon. tisk tisk. maybe red jacket will pick up on this idea and make millions >X
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    Re: Man Busted With Homemade Shotgun Disguised as Super Soaker


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    Re: Man Busted With Homemade Shotgun Disguised as Super Soaker

    Actually, it isn't that hard to make. You just take the barrel, pump, and hammer out of the original gun and stick it in a hollow squirt gun. I had a friend that used to make these. He made a regular water pistol into an automatic .22, and you couldn't tell the difference just by looking at it.

    This guy doesn't have any "craftsmanship" in his: look, the barrel's crooked. That, and there's no trigger, unless the pump hits the hammer, in which case what loads the next round? Unless he wants to commit suicide, a single round shotgun isn't going to do him much good. And that's just the stuff on the outside that I noticed right away. Who knows what else is wrong with it.

    Honestly, I bet it doesn't even work. I bet the police saw him walking around with it, stopped him, did a quick check on the "gun" to see if it's real or not, saw the metal barrel, and arrested him. I bet it was never tested or taken apart.

    Bah, stupid people upset me.
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    Re: Man Busted With Homemade Shotgun Disguised as Super Soaker

    yup just the kind of gun i need lol
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    Re: Man Busted With Homemade Shotgun Disguised as Super Soaker

    Seems Legit

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    Re: Man Busted With Homemade Shotgun Disguised as Super Soaker

    Oh yeah, just a 50 year old walking around with a super soaker. That's umm...normal?

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