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[Release] Dragon's Dogma - Editor
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    Dragon's Dogma - Editor

    Dragon's Dogma - Editor
    Created by: JizzaBeez

    How to use:
    1) Extract ~ "DD_Savedata" from "DD_SAVEDATA_00".
    2) Open ~ "DD_Savedata" in this program.
    3) Edit ~ the text then Save the file.
    4) Replace ~ "DD_Savedata" in "DD_SAVEDATA_00".
    5) Rehash & Resign ~ "DD_SAVEDATA_00".

    1) This program will decompress, compress, and fix the checksum.
    2) I made this with only a text editor because it's easier to edit that way...
    3) When opening and saving, the program may take a few seconds to load.

    -Version 1.1 : included a find/replace feature for easier editing.


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    Re: Dragon's Dogma - Editor

    very awesome job on this editor Jizza, this game is going to be that much more awesome now ;)
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    Re: Dragon's Dogma - Editor

    What can you edit exactly with this? Will have the game around Friday and I was wondering.
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    Re: Dragon's Dogma - Editor

    Quote Originally Posted by Insane JIC View Post
    What can you edit exactly with this? Will have the game around Friday and I was wondering.
    I don't have the game so I don't know what can be edited. But I do know that the savedata's length is around 20MB (decompressed). So that should be plenty of things to edit.

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    Re: Dragon's Dogma - Editor

    not to worry.. im here to try this :)

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    Re: Dragon's Dogma - Editor

    getting this game tomorrow, you put this out just in time lol Thanks Jizza =)

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    Re: Dragon's Dogma - Editor

    Excellent editor, Jizza.
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    Re: Dragon's Dogma - Editor

    awesome nice editor Jizzabeez



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