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America Say Goodbye To The 360?
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    America Say Goodbye To The 360?

    found this on dashhacks a few minutes ago

    Say Goodbye To The 360?
    Submitted by UnashamedVandal; Today!

    If you havenít heard yet, Microsoft and Motorola have been going toe to toe in court and so far it has resulted in no further sales of the Xbox 360 in Germany. Now things aren't looking so good for the rest of us either...Since then, the case has taken a turn for the worse and Microsoft could be facing harsher punishment. Letís take a quick recap. Motorola took Microsoft to court; surely you couldnít imagine that going any other way but in Microsoftís favour...well apparently not. Motorolaís claim that Microsoft breached their patents regarding secure wireless communication and transmission of video content between controller devices and game consoles paid off. Microsoft lost the first battle in the war with Motorola and their Xbox 360 and Windows 7 had to cease sales within Germany. Well now the war has headed to the USA and Microsoft could risk losing their biggest money maker. The judge in charge of the case has no sympathy for the gaming giants and suggested that not only must the console cease all sales; not only this but Microsoft must stop importing their console into the United States. If the case continues in favour of Motorola we could be saying goodbye to the Xbox 360 forever!

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    Re: America Say Goodbye To The 360?

    hope it won,t comes to that , it would be sad
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    Re: America Say Goodbye To The 360?

    well if it does happen it will suck, luckily i have my 360 already lol
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    Shit is getting real for Microsoft they better put on there big boy sucks on n go out there n start fighting cuz if the happens here in America there biggest market you can kiss the xbox goodbye.
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    Re: America Say Goodbye To The 360?

    Microsoft are too proud to let this happen. BUT if it does happen the the US. The UK will be next.

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    Re: America Say Goodbye To The 360?

    Oh well all good things come to an end eventually. If it did/does happen then sad as it may be, my busy life these days doesn't revolve enough around gaming that I'd suffer any great emotional effect over it lol! It would be sad for future generations of gamers though.
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    Re: America Say Goodbye To The 360?

    Yeah. Making it so that Microsoft's biggest products can't be sold in their home country is gonna be a crippling blow. Motorola will win this one, and the prices of new consoles on site like eBay will skyrocket. And Ren's right, once they're done with the biggest money pot, they're gonna move to the next biggest: UK. I don't know what the laws concerning copyright are in UK, but in US Microsoft doesn't stand a chance.

    And all this would go down right as my current console starts dying. I'm running an unmodded launch console, the only change I've made is to take it apart to clean. And now I'm starting to get read errors and RRODs. I don't have the money to spend on another console right now, and I probably won't until (as luck would have it) MS is banned from selling them in US. Thanks a lot, Motorola.
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    Re: America Say Goodbye To The 360?

    if they did do it 360 i bet u they rename it to something else
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