Hey, all. My 360 is a launch console (very old) and lately I've been having a bunch of disk read errors. It's not modded in any way, other than that it's been taken apart in order to clean. I want to replace my disk drive. Is this possible without a JTAG? And if so, what would be the best one for me to use? It's an American 360, if that makes any difference.

Also, would it be okay to replace the heat sink? When I play certain games from the disk (especially Skyrim) the game will freeze randomly and I have to unplug the console. When I plug it back in and turn it on, I get RROD and have to unplug it again. Then, I plug it in again, turn it on, and it works. So the console runs fine now, but I'm worried about it holding up for the next couple years (until the next Xbox is released). I want to take some preventive measures so that I don't have to worry.

Normally, I'd just let my system die and buy a new one. But now Motorolla's doing their thing in the States, and I'm worried. As far as I know, Motorolla has the law on their side with this one (at least in US) and I'm pretty sure we're gonna stop getting 360s soon. So I'm worried that my Xbox will die right as it's become illegal for retail to sell more. That's why I'm in a mad rush to do maintenance repairs.