ok guys...
before i get started...

i'm looking for people who are interested in 3d stuff (i mean not games or movies) i mean modelling animating and such ^_^
as this idea of mine would require a bit of that stuff ^_^

anyway... let's get started ^_^
first the general idea is to create a short movie in 3d... but this doesn't really have a great storyline or anything
it just to get learning things and trying things out

now the idea for this movie came to me a few days a go and i thought it would very interesting and fun to do...
then i remembered something similar was made already to what i had in mind...
a few years ago someone created an AMV (for those who don't know AMV = Anime Music Video)
this AMV was called "the great anime race"... and it contained a lot different anime characters from different animes and they raced through the different worlds of those animes
(here is the video)

my idea was in way the same but not with animes and such... but with actual 3d characters from games ^_^
i know its not going to be easy... and my modelling skills aren't really something i normally would mention anywhere ^_^'''
but we can work with characters ripped out of games
and the thing is i don't want to make a copy of this one
it just serves as a reference here
though i want the animations to have some funny part in it ^_^

but in the end it will be something for fun and to learn more about animations, rendering setting and compositing from it

the tools i'm going to use would be 3ds max(as its integrated CAT plugin makes it very easy to re skin the characters and animate them without having to worry too much about IK/FK) and later on after effects (when we get to the composition part)

now the thing is... i played around with CAT and animations a few times in the past and i'm still not very good
as its going to be pretty hard for one alone to do this and will probably take a very long time...

i'm looking for a few people who would be interested in this kind of thing ^_^
only requirements here is... you should know how to use the tools...
more experienced people are always welcome though ^_^

(i hope some of you out there are interested ^_^)