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Microsoft gave Geohot money to fight Sony, rumor claims
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    Microsoft gave Geohot money to fight Sony, rumor claims

    A new rumor has surfaced that Microsoft donated a large amount of cash to Geohot as he attempts to tackle Sony over the hacking of the PS3. This is very much just a rumor. However, it comes from one of those supposed 'clouse sources' who must remain anonymous. Although, the fact that Geohot got all that he wanted and more within 2 days, seems to suggest that he had some pretty big donations and quickly! In his most recent interview, Geohot himself seemed in very good spirits and revealed he got all that he needed to cover his legal costs and more (SEE HERE). So what do you think, did MS really sneakily throw him a heft amount of cash?

    It seems there are quite a few desperate websites out there trying to grab traffic by reporting that Microsoft made "a huge donation" to the legal defense fund of George Hotz (Geohot). PSX-SCENE has confirmed directly with Geohot that this story is totally FALSE.

    No such donation was made!!

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    I wont be suprised.
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    Yup was obvious it was fake, If MS was to have done that, They could be in a lot of legal trouble.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Renegade View Post
    Yup was obvious it was fake, If MS was to have done that, They could be in a lot of legal trouble.
    How would they be in legal trouble for donating cash? There's no legal recourse for giving money away to someone in legal trouble with a rival company, they could just as easily claim it as a charitable defence fund or something of the like. I personally think it's BS myself but it sure would be some funny shite there if they did it.

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    i think ms would waste their time with donating money to this guy but u never know
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