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Dragon's Dogma Pawn Sharing anyone?
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    Have a nice day Dragon's Dogma Pawn Sharing anyone?

    Anyone wanna share your main pawns with the community here? We could post our gamertag and main pawn name here and help each other out. I would love to use someones modded pawn with high stats. My gamertag is Lunarclaw and my pawn's name is Alenia, a level 9 mage for now. Feel free to friend me. Anyone else want to share their Pawn?

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    Re: Dragon's Dogma Pawn Sharing anyone?

    gt II JMoney2 II pawn cash lvl 26 mage

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    Re: Dragon's Dogma Pawn Sharing anyone?

    Vocation: Fighter
    Vocation Rank: 9
    Level: 45
    HP: 2028
    Stamina: 1110
    Strength: 1346 | 413
    Magick: 136 | 136
    Defense: 474
    Magick Defense: 228

    Gamertag: Osedax W0LF
    Downloads : 70 || Uploads : 4 || Rep Power : 12134 || Posts : 4,708 || Thanks : 1,167 || Thanked 16,673 Times in 1,842 Posts

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    Re: Dragon's Dogma Pawn Sharing anyone?

    Level 52
    Creators name is kyle
    GT-A Game Wizard

    Primary skill is
    Full moon slash
    Heavenward Lash

    Look for it and rent it it rapes i must say

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    Re: Dragon's Dogma Pawn Sharing anyone?

    GT: OMGulay27

    Main Pawn Name: Akira
    Lvl: 17
    HP: 1079
    ST: 805
    Def: 302
    Vocation: Fighter
    Rank: 6
    Inclination: Primary - Guardian(Prioritizes protection of Leader), Secondary - Acquisitor(Gathers Items often)
    Skills: Has all Core Skills and Augment Skills available at current level.
    Primary(Sword) - Burst Strike, Stone Will, Soul Skewer
    Secondary(Shield) - Shield Drum, Sheltered Assault, Perfect Defense

    This is my Main Pawn. Still a fairly low level but a pretty strong one already. I aimed for this one to be mainly as a Tank. She can carry A LOT more weight than others so she's a perfect Mule for items as well. Plus, she looks good and has a dependable appearance on her wearing the DLC Captain's Armor Set(level 3). Enjoy and feel free to add me! <~~~LOL

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    Re: Dragon's Dogma Pawn Sharing anyone?

    GT: o0 DaGnoMe 0o

    Pawn info:

    Name: Yuffie
    lvl 132
    HP 2483
    ST 2310
    Strength 447
    Magick 1759
    Def 515
    Mag Def 578
    Vocation/Level: Sorcerer lvl 9

    Her basic inclination now is to go after the strongest foe so shes a 'Go getter".

    I dont mod my pawns stats, just get the gear mostly. Feel free to add me.

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    Gt: PortugalKid89

    Feel free to use mine ;)

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    Re: Dragon's Dogma Pawn Sharing anyone?

    Name: Liyra
    Vocation: Warrior
    Vocation Rank: 9
    Level: 71
    HP: 3161
    Stamina: 1475
    Strength: 1608
    Magick: 677
    Defense: 663
    Magick Defense: 420
    Inclination Scather/Utiliarian

    Gamertag: Fallen0
    If you want to hire it for free please put Dragons Dogma in the message when you send the friend request.
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