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Trainer Setup
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Thread: Trainer Setup

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    Confused Trainer Setup

    Hello to all. I'm relatively new to 360 Haven scene so please bare with me. I must ask that if there is a thread for this issue, I have not found it and appologize in advance. For the last couple of weeks I've been digging around into the mod/trainer world as I purchased a rgh system, and am still trying to figure out the capabilities. Starting with a couple of trainer files, I ended up looking around the internet for the last week trying to inquire as how to properly set up trainers. Here is the problem I consistantly run into. I've been using xexmenu to play modded xex files which I play off of my external hd. Well I tried to do that using the trainers and have had no luck, and can't find a clear solution to the problem. Here is the setup I use:

    Here is an example of my path setup:


    When I add the appropriate trainer files to the game folder (trainerxex, txtfile, xppdllxex) and execute the trainer file it just sends me back to dashboard. I've read that it has to be lauched through dashlaunch/freestyle dash, and others claim that they've opened through xexmenu. Also read something about a launch.ini file which I have no idea what that is and where it goes. So far I've tried trainers for Ninja Gaiden 2/3, Dead or Alive 4, and Caslevania LOS and have the same issue with each one. I know it's something that I'm doing, or maybe not doing. If anybody can put it into noob terms for me I'd be very grateful.
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    Re: Trainer Setup

    launch.ini is from dashlaunch. I believe u need dashlaunch v1.00 or higher installed for trainers to work because it allows plugins to run

    I found these steps from the Saints Row 3 [5451086D] +3 Trainer which uses XPowerPlay trainer.
    Some newer trainers dont use Xpowerplay so this may not help u
    You need to have dashlauch installed and you also need xppdll.xex installed

    IF launching the trainer you are booted back to the dashboard try the following:
    1) Reinstall dashlaunch (2.23b recommended)
    Still not working then,
    2) put the xppdll.xex on the root of your 360 HDD (Hdd1:\) and edit your launch.ini file to include the following line:

    [Plugins] plugin1 = Hdd:\xppdll.xex

    So you should have something that looks like this:

    Default = Hdd:\FreeStyle2\default.xex

    plugin1 = Hdd:\xppdll.xex

    contpatch = false
    pingpatch = true
    nxemini = false
    fatalfreeze = true
    regionspoof = false
    xblaexitdash = false
    dvdexitdash = false
    nosysexit = false
    debugout = false
    livestrong = true
    So basically
    copy the xppdll.xex on the root of your 360 HDD (Hdd:\) and*
    edit your Dashlaunch launch.ini file to include the following line:
    [Plugins] plugin1 = Hdd:\xppdll.xex



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