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Pakistan's "Elephant man"
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    Pakistan's "Elephant man"

    A YOUNG man who suffers from a rare condition which has left him with a giant head just like the original "Elephant man" has said he just wants to be normal

    Brave Sain Mumtaz, 22, was born with an average size body but an abnormally large head, legs and feet, which have all continued to grow throughout his life.

    But while his terribly disfigured look might scare away some people, he has been accepted by locals who have seen past his appearance and hope to help cure him.

    Pal's call him their ’giant friend’ and are helping keep his spirits high on his journey to try and discover what is wrong with him and improve his everyday life.

    He said: “I’ve been this way since I was born. My face, arms and legs all differ in size and people assume I’m not like other normal human beings.

    “But I’m mentally fit and understand everything, I live like my life like everyone else despite all my family including my mother, father, brothers and sisters all being born without the condition.

    “People used to run away from me. But now they treat me normally and sit and talk to me when I am out.

    “They call me their friend. One day I hope to be cured and meet a woman who will love me.”

    Sain’s disorder has left him battling with various illnesses and made it difficult for him to get around near his home on the outskirts of Lahore, Pakistan.‘Elephant man’ just wants to be like pals

    As a child he was told he suffered from Proteus syndrome - the same condition as “Elephant Man” Joseph Merrick - renowned for affecting only one side of the body.


    But the symmetrical deformity of his face and skull suggests he is suffering from a unique variation of the extreme condition.

    He once believed he had been cursed by God and that there is nothing for him in life - but thanks to his supportive family and neighbours determined Sain has embraced life.

    Sain hasn’t seen a doctor since he was a boy when he was told it was Proteus Syndrome and nothing could be done to help him.

    If Proteus is the correct diagnosis for his condition there may be nothing that can reduce the weight of his massive limbs.

    But his family cling on to the hope that Sain is suffering from some other overgrowth disorder and if this is true then there may well be treatments that can help him.

    His dad, Wazir Ali, said: “We want to discover what is wrong with him, and whether anything might be done to improve his day-to-day life.

    “He has hopes for his future, one day he would like to run a rickshaw business and find a wife.”
    Poor guy. I hope his condition improves one day.
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    Re: Pakistan's "Elephant man"

    i agree i hope his condition improves also
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    Quote Originally Posted by CloudStrife7x View Post
    i agree i hope his condition improves also
    I greed with cloud poor guy hope things get better for him after people see his condition hope he gets the help he needs.
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    Re: Pakistan's "Elephant man"

    It's a good thing he is accept by his locals. Yes, I do hope there is something for him that will improve his condition. Reminds me of the tree man.
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