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[WIP] FTP SaveGame Manager Discussion
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    high [WIP] FTP SaveGame Manager Discussion

    hey guys :)

    so i created this thread to to show the savegame manager i am working on.
    i did not post this in the program section since there will be no link in this thread.

    i basicly need some insparation for the program , so everyone is welcome to share their ideas :P

    this program is currently WIP , and NO ETA known yet.

    So what can it do ?

    1. connect to xbox360 by using ftp (xexmenu, FSD , FTPDLL supported)
    2. list the devices that contains savegames.
    3. show all profiles in that device ... with images.
    4. extract all shown images.
    5. download savegame or folder with ease.
    6. Search for savegame
    7. show savegames with images , gamename, description & TitleID
    8. Multiselect , for multiple extraction.
    9. Upload file... proper directories will be created and the uploaded file will automaticly be fixed (proper Id's / rehashed & resigned)

    there are too manny things to mention , but i will keep that for later :P

    this will be a program that every jtag/rgh/devkit user must have !

    so here is a lil previeuw for what will come ... its not much yet , but like i said , its still wip.

    please share some ideas , so i can improve as much as possible :)
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    Re: [WIP] FTP SaveGame Manager Discussion

    Looks good dude :)
    I would totally be using it :)
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    Re: [WIP] FTP SaveGame Manager Discussion

    this look very awesome Jappi :D, i would use it as well if i had a jtag/devkit/rgh XD
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    I C0z I

    Re: [WIP] FTP SaveGame Manager Discussion

    Nice Work Jappi88

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    Re: [WIP] FTP SaveGame Manager Discussion

    As i do with all programs, i am approaching it in a manner not unlike a mindless idiot would and spotting how i might break it.
    How much idiot proofing have you considered and whats to stop a peasant from accidently deleting all they know and love?
    Perhaps the ability to download the entire profiles worth of savedata and stashing it in a lightly compressed archive for backup purposes, then throw in the reversal for good measure.

    I know it supports downloading saves already but you must consider the user scum but still treat them like a king, imagine anything they can complain about, they will.

    Expanding on this, what little time saving shortcuts can you take to make their chance to do something incredibly stupid as far from 1.0 as possible, because if they spend enough time on it, that will reach 1 and they will do something stupid and then by the magic of ipso facto, it's somehow your fault. This is how apple works.

    user hate aside, perhaps throw in some cheap tricks, storing things like previous use eg what device was used, what profile etc etc to serve as a reminder of sorts for when repetitive tasks are done over a few sessions, just have them highlighted to serve as a guide, people have short attention spans, something shiny and its gone otherwise.

    Basically when debugging, just hit yourself with a blunt object to shave off a few hundred iq points and you have the general public.
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    Re: [WIP] FTP SaveGame Manager Discussion

    nice work jappi
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    Awesome work so far jappi keep it up bro we can't wait for the final product :D
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    Noctis Caelum

    Re: [WIP] FTP SaveGame Manager Discussion

    that is very nice work there


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