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new fable journey and other fable future releases
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    Faint new fable journey and other fable future releases

    i have seen the trailers for fable journey and in my opinion it has gone way down hill from fable 3 i mean in the first original fable you had the lightning which shot out you fingertips continuosly you had an amazing story line as well as epic fight scenes then it moved to fable the lost chapters kinda like a fable 1.5 with the extra story at the end and the epic dragon battle with the infamous jack of blade and then fable 2 which the lighnting changed to a ball of lightning which didnt bother me that much but you still iconic fable styles like the traveling sytem and xp gaining and way you spent them not so much an epic battle at the end of the story but it was still put together very nicely (although fable the lost chapters is still my fave) but on fable 2 one or two things where left unfinished like at the end if you chose love you had a letter from your sister saying she was alive and fine and being looked after (big contraversy over it being sythe mainly) but that all you get it would have been good instead of bringing out fable journeys maybe they went back and done a dlc for that maybe go on a big adventure to a far away land where she is living maybe fight a few mythical beast to get there or something just something to follow that letter.
    Also i did think it would be cool if the did a fable lost chapters for the xbox 360 either remake or just turn the original xbox game into 360 with some cool achievements because number 3 although they tried to give it a good story line it was a bit off topic i mean where has the xp gone and the way to spend them also the way how your save becomes corrupt now if u havent played on it a few weeks that was the most annoying bit for me as i had that happen to me a number of times and now they have brought out fable journeys where its for kinect users and where heros arent born but made i mean does that mean the bloodline that fable was based around now only down to theresa thats just a bit stupid.
    Another idea i thought would be good is since back in the time of archon 3 beings came out of the void the queen of blades, the knight of blades and the jack of blades wouldnt it be good if they brought out a games with that story line a prequil from fable 1 or maybe a story where the void reopens and a being comes out calling himself the king of blades and only one to defeat him is someone from the archon bloodline and the sword of aeons that would be cool in my eyes of course the story would have to develop from learning their blodright and how to use it and search for the sword of aeons but thats just me thinking ha ha also why is the enemy becoming darkness now i mean thats what it was in fable 3 and now in journeys its something called corruption to me that just sounds like they are running out of ideas but thought would share my thoughts with every one.
    If you have read this then cheers for reading my ramblings ha ha

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    Re: new fable journey and other fable future releases

    I think that Fable Journeys is an in between game before Fable 4 is released and to cash in on the Kinnect market. According to some previews, especially ign, it may actually be quite good! I am not sure if it is a bad thing for Lionhead to work on and release different takes on the Albion universe. May give them new ideas for the next Fable as number 3 was not a good enough improvement on 2 really.

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    Re: new fable journey and other fable future releases

    ye thats prob true i should really play journeys first before critisising ha ha no fable 3 really was a fail for me though

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    Re: new fable journey and other fable future releases

    fable has been going down hill since the first lol, fable 1 and the lost chapters are the best and will always be the way the series is going, i still will get fable the journey, just cause i dont have any kinect games lol, i hope fable 4 will somehow save the series but the way it looks i doubt it lol, oh well XD
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    Re: new fable journey and other fable future releases

    fable the journey can die in fire i dont know what they were thinking i do hope next fable make it up to gaming
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    Re: new fable journey and other fable future releases

    ye fable the lost chapters is my fav and i hope they do something in fable 4 to make it go up again



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