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"Cannibal killer" Luka Magnotta arrested in Berlin
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    "Cannibal killer" Luka Magnotta arrested in Berlin

    CANADIAN cannibal murder suspect Luka Magnotta has just been arrested in Berlin today.

    Arrested... Luka Magnotta

    A spokesman for the Berlin police confirmed that he was arrested in an internet cafe in Neukoelln, a working-class district of the German capital.

    Magnotta is suspected of the murder of Jun Lin, a 33-year-old Chinese student, in Montreal.

    Magnotta was apparently spotted travelling on a bus from France to Berlin yesterday.

    And according to reports in Berlin the internet cafe owner recognised Magnotta and alerted police.

    French police had earlier confirmed that Magnotta had flown to Paris from Canada.

    They also said he escaped by the skin of his teeth after spending the night in a hotel in Bagnolet, an eastern suburb of Paris.

    Cops tracked him to a hotel and raided his room — but he had already left.

    Some of the suspect’s belongings were recovered and were sent for DNA tests. They include porn mags and, bizarrely, plane sick bags — thought to have been taken from the flight he took from Montreal.

    Multiple sightings of him had been reported in the French capital.

    Investigators say a video posted online of a man killing another man with an ice pick shows Jun Lin's murder.

    Body parts believed to belong to the dead man were posted to different political parties in Canada.

    Magnotta reportedly worked as a bisexual porn actor and model.
    HORRIFIED staff at two schools yesterday received parcels containing a human hand and a foot — just 24 hours after cannibal killer suspect Luka Magnotta was arrested. cops fear that the severed HEAD of murder victim Jun Lin, 33, may also have been put in the post.

    My Thoughts
    Finally, now lock him up and throw away the key.
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    Re: "Cannibal killer" Luka Magnotta arrested in Berlin

    i agree he deserves life in prison
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    Re: "Cannibal killer" Luka Magnotta arrested in Berlin

    This is crazy, is cannibalism going to be popular now?
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    Even in his pic you can see he's a sick F#%k he deserves what's coming to him the sick baster.
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    Re: "Cannibal killer" Luka Magnotta arrested in Berlin

    I just noticed one of his eyes are higher then the other they say we all have one eye higher then the other but you can really notice it on him lol

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    Re: "Cannibal killer" Luka Magnotta arrested in Berlin

    He's gonna love prison.
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    Re: "Cannibal killer" Luka Magnotta arrested in Berlin

    the real psycho

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    Re: "Cannibal killer" Luka Magnotta arrested in Berlin

    I've accepted you and lend my hands to you


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