It's been a while since I posted here due to my working routines and stuff. As well as an RGH/JTAG/Flashing/RRoD repair service..

I found a Xenon that was in my possession that was exploitable. So I went ahead and applied the SMC hack to it. 100% working, no History of RRoD with it either.

I will post pictures and a video of it working in a bit. I think SMC hacked consoles (JTAG's) are a lot more superior to the RGH exploit as there is a lot less hassle. Don't need to change your LDV and such.

The console comes fully cased, No cables. It comes with a Hitachi DVD drive that I'm also willing to flash free of charge.

Again not looking for anything major in price. Especially not for a Xenon console.

However if you buy this, there will be no returns down the line. I will offer a 14 day warranty. After that repairs will cost.