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Persona 4 Golden
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    Persona 4 Golden

    People who liked/loved Shin Megami Tensei Persona 4 game and have a PS Vita, get ready for a updated PS Vita version :D, here is the E3 trailer and a gameplay video:

    New Content

    The updated game will feature several new additions such as:

    An all-new Social Link character named Marie
    The new character Marie.
    A new Social Link with Tohru Adachi, of the Pierrot arcana. A pierrot is a stock character of French theater equivalent to a fool, and thus the Fool arcana.
    1.5 times the voice over of the PS2 version
    New anime cutscenes
    New music composed by Shoji Meguro. New tracks include a new opening theme and battle theme. The original battle theme "Reach Out to the Truth" only plays if the player is able to ambush enemies for the advantage.
    Wireless support with other PS Vita consoles to request the aid of others in dungeons
    New battle mechanics
    A "SAFETY" difficulty setting where if you are defeated in battle you can retry an infinite amount of times.
    New events, including a Halloween event, a summer beach trip, and a winter ski trip.
    New Personae, including a new third tier of Personae for the rest of the party.
    Special outfits that party members can wear in the dungeons.
    Updated environment graphics.
    The ability to become licensed to use motor-scooters, which plays into some new story elements and battle mechanics.
    Shops are now accessible during the evening.
    New in-game TV shows that include anime clips, new music, and a quiz show.
    The ability to receive aid in dungeons from other players via the Vita's online functionality.
    Instead of being random, players now have the option of choosing which skills to inherit during fusion

    Source: http://www.giantbomb.com/persona-4-golden/61-36273/
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    Yes fucking awesome and about time :D awesome share Cloud I'm a big fan of the series myself n I'm so glad to hear this can't wait :)
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