First of all a quick tutorial on how to mod you gamesave..

  • Create a new world/use existing..
  • Fill your inventory with random items at random quantitys
  • Save you game.. and then exit without save (to limit possible freezing)
  • Go into system settings > storage > find your minecraft save and copy it to your USB
  • Move USB to computer
  • Open up Minecraft Editer + a USB Explorer (Modio ect)
  • Once the USB Explorer is open, click on Open > Data > Content > Your profile (E0000 etc) > Minecraft > 000001.
  • Extract save from USB (place it on your desktop, because it is easier to find)
  • Drag the save from your desktop into Minecraft Editor (the blank space on the right)
    reful to only add items already in the game.. no bedrock, mob spawners etc)
  • Add The Items YOU want
  • Save (a few times to make sure)
  • Open the USB Explorer again, and Inject the file from your desktop into the USB, (say yes on the overwrite)
  • Place USB back into Xbox

Open save, Enjoy ;)